Posted by: KStrate | September 14, 2007

Sic ’em.

Ok, Dawgs. Here it goes.

This blog is meant for anyone who is looking for a place to eat in authentic, tasty Athens, Georgia – the freshman, the tourist, the date-seeker, the food lover, the gameday eater and the restaurant lover. For the past three years, I have been exploring the gastronomic capacity of Athens, and I am continually impressed. I believe it’s safe to say Athens has some of the most original and best restaurants in Georgia – certainly in college towns.

There is something offered for everyone here. Whether you’re looking for cheap, expensive, quick, vegetarian, original, Chinese, Latino, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Kosher, country or dessert food, Athens has countless options to offer its customers.

Now, as a true college student, I love my Jimmy John’s, Subway, Jason’s Deli, Ru San’s and Gumby’s. However, sometimes I feel like stepping out of the box. Because there are so many young, spunky people in Athens, it makes sense to have countless kick-butt restaurants.

This is my pledge to you, Dawgs. I will search Athens for restaurants with the best price, the coolest ambiance, the best service, the toe-tappingest music, the softest toilet paper, the most comfortable temperature (no one likes to freeze while they’re eating!) and, of course, the Dawg-gone best food.

After reading my pledge, I want you to go to the restaurants, and give your feedback on what was or wasn’t good. Challenge my critiquing skills, and add a little of your own flare.

So glory, glory to Athens food. And to heck with the average restaurant.


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