Posted by: KStrate | September 19, 2007

UnreGRITably good

To many, the word, “vegetarian,” may either bring forth a feeling of disgust, a feeling of anxiety or a feeling disbelief. To those who have been to The Grit, however, feelings like those never exist.

Located on Prince Avenue near downtown, The Grit is the home to many famous meals: Grilled Cheese Smelt, Tabouli salad, hummus, pasta and Macaroni and Cheese. You might leave the restaurant thanking God for vegetarians.

Throughout my past 2 years in Athens, I have been to The Grit countless times. I went there for a different surprise this past Sunday, though. My favorite word: brunch. Yes, The Grit serves an amazing Sunday brunch. I decided to go with the traditional 2 eggs any way you’d like, but I made it a platter. Platters come with your choice of potatoes or grits, and biscuits and toast. I opted for the grits and toast. If there’s one breakfast food I can’t live without, it’s toast. Even though it’s a simple meal, good toast can give anyone a good start to the day.

Made on their homemade bread, this toast exceeded my expectations by far. It was pretty thick, and it had just the right amount of crunch. Owning up to the restaurant name, the grits I ate were awesome. They were yellow. I guess that’s a little different, but they were hot, creamy and smooth. Grits don’t get much better than that.

My friend Caroline had the Border Patrol. They brought her a plate with a crispy tortilla filled in the middle with beans, salsa, scrambled eggs (or tofu), and cheese. As if that wasn’t heavenly enough, they gave her a dollop of sour cream on top. She couldn’t finish it all, but she admitted to me it’s the only thing she’s ever gotten for brunch there. It’s just too good!

The Sunday crowd was pretty busy, but the table turnover was surprisingly fast. A note to newcomers: they DO NOT separate checks. You have to pay together. I always forget that before I come, but I’m starting to remember.

To girls, it’s always cold in there, so bring a jacket. However, the inside of the restaurant is super cool: fun art, retro t-shirts, chalkboard menu specials, the list goes on.

If you can save room for any of the dessert, you won’t be disappointed either. Any of their cakes or pies are to die for. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite. Do you?

For those of you who have been to The Grit before,what’s been the best meal you’ve had? Any Sunday Brunch veterans?

So, for those of you who think vegetarians don’t know good food when they see it, think again. This restaurant is sure to surprise you! GRIT IT!


  1. thank you for helping my parents and i decide where to go for sunday brunch after the troy game!! the grit makes incredible french toast!

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