Posted by: KStrate | September 24, 2007


This past Saturday was awesome. The Dawgs won, and I got to eat sushi– all in the same day!

Shokitini, the new sushi joint on West Clayton Street, was the dinner choice of me and a few friends. We wanted somewhere to watch the game, and we discovered Shokitini has a huge projector screen. It seemed like the perfect set-up!

The inside of the restaurant is modern and swanky, but it also has the Asian-Athens feel. We were immediately seated by the hostess, and she took us to one of the booths in the back. It was a 3-sided booth, so the five of us definitely had room to spread out.

I think I’m going to skip to the eating part. I ordered their seaweed salad for an appetizer, and I asked for the Kani Su Roll for my main course. The seaweed salad was amazing. Even though I wasn’t sure what to expect, it had a very light, almost citrus taste. The seaweed was pleasantly slimy, but it wasn’t salty! It almost had the consistency of angel hair pasta.

My Kani Su Roll was pretty basic: crabmeat and shrimp wrapped in cucumber. If you go in without an appetite, this is the way to go.

My friends ordered the squid salad, and I tried some of that. I had eaten calamari, so I expected the texture of the squid. It tasted very fresh and cold. Two thumbs way up!

Some of the other choices at the table were Edamame, the Georgia Roll, and the Double Punch. Everyone left filled and happy.

As if the food isn’t enough, Shokitini has karaoke rooms that individuals can rent for private events. There are three rooms upstairs: a small, medium, and large one.

Basically, if you need a night out with the girls, a date place, or an awesome restaurant to eat sushi, this is it. They don’t have a website, yet, but I’m hoping one will pop up soon!



  1. I’m glad you chose this restaurant for one of your reviews – my roommates have gone a few times but all they can say is, “It was gooodddd. We got a flower.”

    Yours was a WAY better review than that. 🙂

  2. I was tired of the same old Rusans for sushi so I decided to recommend this place (thanks to reading your blog!)to my fellow sushi loving friends for dinner the other night. Overall, the sushi was really fresh and good, but it was on the expensive side (especially for a college student).
    I am going to look at your blog more often for more great dinner ideas!

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