Posted by: KStrate | September 27, 2007


I couldn’t live with myself if I made a blog about Athens restaurants and didn’t include Transmet.

Transmetropolitan, the real name of the restaurant, is located on the semi-West end of Clayton Street. It is on the same side of the road as the Red Zone- on your left if you’re driving on Clayton.

I have been there numerous times for different occasions- lunch, dates, group meetings, group “outings,” and other get-togethers that give me an excuse to eat Italian food.

They serve everything there: salads, appetizers, pizza, calzones, paninis, pasta, and other sandwiches. If it’s your first time going, here’s a hint: you order from the counter. That means you walk in, grab a menu, and tell the person what you want.

While there are so many aspects about Transmet I could focus on, I am going to stick to the food. I went there tonight with a group before a club meeting, and I took a video of a wide assortment of dining options. Check it out!

My meal isn’t in the video, but I ordered the Gigante Salad with blackened chicken. Every time I order a salad there, I can tell all the ingredients are fresh, fresh, fresh. They even have a build-your-own salad with an assortment of toppings: mushrooms, roasted red peppers, green peppers, potatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, tofu, sun dried tomatoes, different cheeses, different meats, olives, and even anchovies. The best part is you get to choose SEVEN different toppings. Talk about your filler-upper!

In case you didn’t catch it, there is also some “dos and don’ts” for going on a date at Transmet. My personal advice is to bring some gum or a peppermint. That blackened chicken is pretty potent!

Many people who go there don’t realize you can eat upstairs. I think it’s a lot cooler than downstairs, but it just gives a different view. I have also seen a group studying in a private room upstairs, so you might want to check into that!

While there is no website, here’s the phone number: (706) 613-8773


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