Posted by: KStrate | October 4, 2007

HECK YES. I’ve found it.

Ever need a good cup of coffee and some apple butter?

To some, this may seem like an odd combination. For me, it’s heaven.

My friends know I love toast. My friends know I love to put jelly on my toast. However, only my closest friends know that, above anything else, I love to put apple butter on my toast. I think it’s a, “I grew up in the hills of Tennessee” thing. There is nothing better than a perfectly crusty piece of toast topped with some good, cinnamony-sweet apple butter.

Ok, enough rambling. Let’s get to the point, shall we?

The Bluebird Cafe, located on the corner of Thomas and Clayton Streets downtown, serves apple butter. Saturday morning before the Georgia vs. Ole Miss game, my Dad and I got up and had brunch there.

  • Location: on the corner of Thomas and Clayton Streets
  • Phone number: 706-549-3663
  • Website: nope, surprising
  • Reservations: probably not
  • Price: reasonable, for brunch maybe $8 per person
  • Best meal to eat there: I’ve eaten lunch there before, and it’s really good. However, if you want some apple butter, go for brunch.
  • Open and close: I’m not sure. Still checking.
  • Group-friendly: yeah right.

On accident, I told him it is a vegetarian restaurant, so he was a little hesitant about eating there. It’s a, “seat yourself,” place, so we walked in at 9:30 a.m. and immediately found a little two-person table by the window.

Although they offered pancakes and French toast on the menu, the both of us were in an omelette mood. Dad ordered the special Denver omelette: eggs with cheese, homefries and peppers, and I ordered the special squash and onion omelette with egg whites and no cheese. We needed a pick-me-up, so we ordered some Jittery Joe’s coffee. They make a special brew solely for the Bluebird Cafe. That’s pretty cool.

About the service: I don’t know what the problem was with their staff, but they were not friendly at all. They did what they were supposed to do- nothing more. It made me sad. When they brought out our food, my omelette was not made with egg whites, and it had cheese on it. The woman reluctantly took it back, but it took over ten minutes for me to get my new one. I have cooked omelettes before, and I know it doesn’t take more than ten minutes.

Once I got my order right, it was wonderful! We definitely got our money’s worth. The omelettes were huge. Dad was tactically trying to eat his, but it was a very chunky omelette. Apparently my Dad likes his omelettes smooth and symmetrical, but I think it’s OK as long as it tastes good.

To the toast: their homemade bread was perfect with the apple butter. They even have the apple butter out on the table ready for use. I think Dad and I used about half of the bottle.

Overall, the food was good, but the service was less than mediocre. It made me sad that the service downplayed how good the food was. Prices were reasonable, and I’d like to go back again to give it another shot.



  1. Hey! I noticed on your sidebar that you’ve listed restaurants that you’d never been to but would like to visit.

    5&10 is simply excellent. I’ve never been to a place that maintains such high quality meals but at the same time has a relaxed “come in and eat, you welcome here” kind of feel. They definately know how to make you feel comfortable there. You should check it out by all means! It has even gotten calls from shows like Top Chef to get 5&10’s Sous Chef on the show. Happy eating!

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