Posted by: KStrate | October 15, 2007

Picante’s is a check-PLUS!

If you’re looking for a new spot to eat Mexican food, I’ve found it.

On Broad Street downtown, in the same little building as Cold Stone and Bel-Jean, sits a newly-opened spicy extravaganza!

I went to Picante’s last week with my friend, Kelly, and we loved it! There was only one other person in there when we arrived, but that let us have a great conversation with the owner, Luis.

Here’s the basic info:

  • Location: beside Bel-Jean and Cold Stone
  • Phone Number:706-369-1930
  • Web site: don’t have one
  • Reservations: nah, don’t need ’em.
  • Price: extremely reasonable. My taco salad was only $5.50.
  • Best meal to eat there: Since their menu doesn’t change, I’d say either lunch or dinner.
  • Open and close: 7 days a week; open at 11; some days they change when they close. I think he said they’re going to start staying open until 2 on weekends and midnight on weekdays.
  • Group-friendly: definitely– these guys are so nice!

While we were ordering our food, I talked to Luis, the owner, Alex, the manager, and John (?) the new bartender. They were really excited about us coming in, and the were willing to give us the scoop on everything.

All of their food is made fresh in the restaurant: chips, taco salad bowls, fresh beans, meat, and they also make SIX different kinds of salsa. Each one has its own distinct flavor, and I loved every one! There a hot one, a cilantro one, a Mexican-barbequey one, a carrot-based one, a basic one, a really hot one and…I must have left the 6th one out of the picture. Oh well, go there and try them for yourself!

I got the taco salad, and it was amazing. The lettuce was fresh, and it had carrots, mushrooms and zucchini on top. It was really fun to find some amazing black beans in the bottom, too!

I don’t know about you, but I am often weary about fast food sour cream. It can be runny and gross sometimes. Not at Picante’s! This was genuine, solid sour cream. It was a great complement to my salad.

Kelly got the chicken burrito. She said she wasn’t going to be able to eat all of it, but she finished it without a problem. The tortilla was soft, and all the ingredients were fresh. (duh!)

As for the inside, it’s so cute! There are Hispanic murals on the wall, and there are some UGA-themed ones, too. Two flat-screened TVs also are mounted on the wall, so going there for a game would be a smart idea. I’m sure they would change the channel to whatever you want.

For all the health nuts, they got a score of 100 from the health department! That’s pretty impressive.

So go. Try something new. I promise you won’t be disappointed with Picante’s Mexican Grill. Talk to Luis and the gang, and become a regular!



  1. “Kelly got the chicken burrito. She said she wasn’t going to be able to eat all of it, but she finished it without a problem.”

    This is true and pretty typical. Sad huh? 😉

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