Posted by: KStrate | October 21, 2007

Marti’s is quite busy at Midday!

This week, I went to the infamous Marti’s at Midday over on Prince Avenue.

I had been there a couple of times before with my Mom, and we loved it. Here are the basics:

  • Location: on Prince Avenue, away from downtown; pass Milledge Avenue on your left, go past the McDonald’s on your right, and it’s about another half mile on your right in a little house
  • Phone number: 706-543-3541
  • Web site:
  • Reservations: nope
  • Price: a little expensive, but the portions are HUGE
  • Best meal: definitely lunch
  • Open and Close: Monday-Friday; breakfast 8-10:30 a.m.; lunch 11:30-3:30 p.m.
  • Group friendly: kind of, just expect to wait a really long time

My friend Mary and I went for lunch around noon, and we definitely were there during their busiest time. Even though the restaurant is in this cute little house, there’s not that much seating. They have two rooms inside, and there’s a porch outside.

You order from the counter, they give you a card for your order, and then you wait.

Mary ordered the salad plate which gave her a little scoop of pimento cheese, a scoop of their famous chicken salad and a deviled egg. It’s all placed on top of fresh romaine lettuce, and they give you pita chips to go with it. Yum!

I ordered the spinach and tart apple salad, but it ended up being romaine and tart apple salad. They ran out of spinach, but it still tasted fine. I also asked for NO blue cheese, but they put it on there anyway. The complete salad had red onions, blue cheese, candied walnuts, crisp Granny Smith apples, turkey bacon and a great dressing on the side.

Oh man, I almost forgot to mention the awesome mint unsweet tea I ordered, too. I love a good glass of tea, and this one hit the spot.

I wish our service experience was as good as the food. The two of us had to wait a good 20 minutes for our simple salads. Here is my advice: if you’re going to eat at Marti’s, call ahead and pick it up.

They really do have an amazing, Southern, delicious menu, but they need to stick to the cooking, I think.

Marti’s has many dedicated followers, but I think most of them call in their orders.



  1. Your blog is great! I absolutely love food and trying different restaurants in Athens. With that in mind, try the following restaurants asap:

    # Kelly’s Jerk- really spicy food if you’re into that

    # Speakeasy- another “tapas” place, although they include more than just Spanish appetizers

    # Agua Linda-this food is amazing…but I forget which country makes this food (I want to say Mexico but I’m not sure.)

    # Weaver D’s- Go around 11 a.m. or 12 p.m. They have the best Southern food around, and Weaver D is so cordial!

  2. Hey Kat,
    I just got back from Mardi’s and wanted to add a comment about my experience. I went with two girls from the office, and we got our food pretty quickly. Our food was good, but the service was probably the worst any of us had ever experienced. I believe the woman with red hair in your post’s picture is the one we had such difficulty with. It was my first time eating at Mardi’s so it was taking me a second to figure out what I wanted, but the woman taking my order had a “it’s now or never” attitude (and there wasn’t anyone behind me in line!) So after I was rushed to order she brought out our food and literally threw the baskets at us and stormed away. One of our orders was wrong so when Natalie went to get it fixed the same lady ignored her while she was standing at the front. We sat on the porch, and when we asked for a to-go-box the woman said, “well those are inside” very irritatedly. I really wish I could convey to you how ridiculous this experience was because it almost seemed like we were getting “punk’d.”

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