Posted by: KStrate | November 12, 2007


Throughout my blogging endeavors, I came up with the idea to do a little post about Sanford Stadium.

Everyone’s had concession food. Whether at the Braves, Thrashers, high school sports or whatever, the typical food is still there.

Even though Sanford Stadium doesn’t have anything extremely original to offer, I decided to refresh you on what the have anyway.

As you can see, the menu at the concession stand is vast and exotic. For someone not from Georgia, it may seem that way. I’m from Tennessee, and I had never heard of boiled peanuts until I came here.

Still haven’t tried them to this day.

I digress. There’s really not that much to say, so I’m going to post some fun pictures of happy go-lucky Georgia fans who tried their luck in Sanford Stadium.

Here’s my little friend, the cotton candy guy. I jumped out of the aisle and said, “Hey cotton candy guy! Can I get your picture?” He’s so photogenic.

I took a picture of this trio because they looked like they were having fun! Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic nacho plate. I’ve heard Sanford’s cheese is pretty tasty!

These are my two new-found friends who were enjoying a hotdog while serving others. The sweet Red Cross ladies. Actually, when I talked about my blog, the woman on the left showed me her necklace that had the UT symbol on it. I’m glad I am from Tennessee. I think anyone else would have ripped it off! I love fans in disguise!

Now that’s what I’m talking about! These guys are totally rocking it out with the boiled peanuts. Admittedly, I’m a little scared of the whole concept, but they’ve inspired me to try some. I’ll have to muster up the courage to buy a bag (or bum some of a friend) on Saturday when we play Kentucky.

This cute little couple is enjoying the soft drink (Coke products only) of their choice. The special commemorative Larry Munson cup has been a big hit this season, but I have heard numerous people comment that the cup smells bad when you try to drink from it. Maybe it’s some sort of new recycled plastic. Either way, these cups hold a lot, so I think you get your money’s worth if you’re thirsty. They have really good ice, too!



  1. Okay. First off. You can’t buy boiled peanuts in a sealed bag (pre-made) like that. That. is. wrong. Boiled peanuts should either be homemade or bought off a street corner during your walk to the game by some guy with way too much personality. And they should be soft like glorious little peas. PEA(s)nut.

    And B: And nachos at sporting events is a totally under-celebrated sweet pleasure of life. I ❤ nachos at sporting events.

  2. PS – big pet peeve at Sanford Stadium: they don’t take credit card. Who doesn’t take credit card these days? That is just un-American. They point to an ATM right next to the concession line — but a lot of good that does when you only brought a credit card & no ATM card 😦 Not that I have bitter memories of a run-in about this or anything …

  3. Red Barron pizza bites @ Sanford– TOTAL RIP OFF (and gross)

    they ought to be ashamed of themselves for this item

  4. To anonymous:

    I went onto Red Barron’s Web site and sent them an e-mail about your comment. I made a suggestion that they come back on to my blog and explain why the pizza might be so bad. We’ll see if they actually do it!

  5. My big pet peeve at Sanford is that you cannot get the bottle cap with your water!!! I heard that some people have thrown the caps on the field. Is that the real reason?

  6. I am all about Sanford Stadium hot dogs, they are the perfect snack to tide you over during the game! The large popcorn is also a great deal if you are looking to get the most for you money, it is only like $5 and the bag is massive! I usually end up feeding all my friends during the game:)

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