Posted by: KStrate | November 12, 2007

Note to self…

There’s no way I can start this post without saying, “Go dawgs!” What a great weekend for football…

If you are wondering what the, “note to self,” is for, this is what I thought as I was leaving Sons of Italy on Friday night, “Note to self: NEVER change your restaurant to family-friendly when your well-oiled-machine-of-a-business is in a college town.”

Before I start, here’s the usual information:

  • Location: on South Milledge, almost to the loop- across the street from the Shell
  • Phone Number: 706- 543-2516
  • Web site: Don’t have one.
  • Reservations: They don’t take them.
  • Price: Reasonable- over $15 for a pizza and around $12 for drinks and a sub sandwich
  • Best Meal: Dinner when you have a lot of time
  • Open and Close: I’m not sure…going to check back on that.
  • Group friendly: It depends. If it’s big and they’re busy, go somewhere else. Otherwise, I think you’ll be fine.

Here’s my review:
Ever since my Dad has come and graduated from Georgia, he’s told me about the famous Sons of Italy. In its former location on Lumpkin Street, it was a hub for college kids who wanted to go hang out, play beer pong on the side of the road and chat.

Now, it is nothing like that. Sons, as it is fondly called, closed its Lumpkin Street location to re-open on South Milledge Avenue. The once grungy, easy-going hang out has become a clean family type restaurant.

Let me explain something. I am all for family restaurants. There’s nothing better than the local pizza parlor or other joint to take your kids to play. This is the problem: they had wonderful business at their location, and college kids loved going there. This may sound selfish, but they took it away from us.

Now, I can’t help but go into the new restaurant being sad and cranky. At our meal on Friday night, there were seven of us at a table. We ordered two pizzas and a turkey and cheese sub. No joke, it took our food over one hour to arrive.

I know it was a busy night, but one hour is unacceptable. This time, I’m glad I didn’t bring my family to the restaurant. My kids (if I had them) would have been horribly bored and horribly hungry.

While the food took way too long to get there, the wait staff was apologetic, and they kept our water glasses filled. I think someone needed to light a fire under the booties of the cooks.

When we finally got our food, it was really good. My turkey and cheese sub was nice, toasty and warm, and, from what I could tell, the two pizzas were good, too. Usually, I would say food was worth the wait, but I don’t think I can say it for this one.

I was so depressed I didn’t even take pictures.

So, if you aren’t into beer pong or hanging out with your friends, don’t go to Sons. While conveniently close to the loop, I can’t see how any location was better than Five Points.

I’m glad I got my bad restaurant experience over with on Friday night. The rest of the weekend was fantastic!



  1. I hate to disagree with you because I really do love you, but I think you went to Sons with a wrong impression.

    I am sorry it changed since your dad was in town but I like the new atmosphere. It reminds me of going home and eating at a pizza joint. The staff is always friendly and the food is good. Esp. the pizza warmed up the next day!!

    Maybe I am just weird and like to go to a non-crazy pizza place but I am glad Sons moved and changed its environment. I’ve gone there twice now and cannot wait to go back.

  2. Erin, I love your disagreement! This is proof that different experiences can happen at the same restaurant.

    AND that my word is not the final say!

    So, take Erin’s advice, and go to Sons. Then you can come back and tell us who was right. 😉

  3. If you want something an atmosphere a little more crazy, but equally as good (caveat: my comments are based on experiences 2 years ago when I actually lived in Athens), go to Little Italy. The food is always delicious (their hot subs are to die for), service is fast, they have beer on tap, and are open late night. My only warning is to be aware that the guys who work there always check out every girl that walks in. Just ignore them- the food is worth it!

  4. You bring up an interesting point about a college joint becoming “family-friendly.” A guest speaker in my marketing class recently mentioned that lots of restaurants, such as Zaxby’s, had to transform from a classic college spot to clean and ready to duplicate. Maybe it’s a natural transition for them, although there’s certainly a big difference between Sons then and now!

  5. well since this review with my good memories, I better weigh in on the debate. Even though the down town location was cool and the new location is not, the food should be the same, and it is not! After helping our daughter unpack at the begining of schoool, my wife and I stoped there for lunch before returning to Tennessee. It was not a good experience, family friendly or not. I went there because of the food, not for the childrens games. Neither the food or the service was acceptable. I’nm not going back. The memories are better and todays food.

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