Posted by: KStrate | November 26, 2007

No Charlie Brown Christmas for me.

It’s that time of year.

No student wants to be studying while there are Christmas decoration to put up.
Kids are longing for some homemade hot chocolate put in a mug by their mammas.
The smell of cinnamon or pumpkin pie is enough to make any stressed studier become a little weepy.
You’re wondering if your family will wait on you to put up the Christmas tree.

We know we don’t want to be at school, but it’s crunch time.

What better way to make yourself feel better than to go to your favorite restaurant for some comfort food?

I want to know what YOUR safe haven is.

Here’s my vote:

Fresh Air Barbeque

There are two locations for the restaurant. I’ve only been to the one out on Atlanta Highway- right after it turns into a two-lane road. There’s nothing better than a good barbeque sandwich or brunswick stew. This is definitely the place to go. The people are nice, and you can go in for pick up or sit down. Price is good. Cozy. Comforting.

Other people like it, too.

Where will you go when you need a break?



  1. i’m also worried my mom won’t wait for me to put up the christmas tree! ahh!

    this is my favorite time of year in athens. i love walking downtown with the lights in the trees on clayton street. yum. so, when i need something to put me in the “christmas at home” mood, i like to go to starbucks and get a peppermint mocha and walk around dt. this is because my mother cannot live one hour without starbucks, and i’m constantly drinking it with her.

    plus, i had my first one of the season over thanksgiving break, and to me, it means that the holidays have officially begun 🙂

    i know starbucks is a chain and a bit unlike your blog, because you tend to find cool little unknown places but blah blah whatever- peppermint mochas from starbucks are good. so there.


  2. I love me some Arby’s after a long trek in the snow. Extra Arby’s sauce for me please!!!

  3. Nothing helps welcome the holiday season like home-made chicken noodle or chicken and dumplings to the Klaus family. While there is no substitute for good at home cooking, when I’m in Athens and need a reminder of my parents home-made version but am not willing to drive the hour to get to the dinner table, Panera and Cracker Barrel provide pretty good alternatives.

    Great job with the blog, Katherine, I LOVE it!

  4. i like the grit. the first time i went there was a rainy night right before finals my freshmen year and ever since i have associated it christmas time and a break from studying!

  5. I love french onion soup from Panera bread! It is a great thing to eat on a rainy, cold day. Warm and nutritious (without the cheese and croutons, but who’s counting? lol) and makes me think of home. 🙂

  6. hey guys, i just thought i’d let everyone know that the caesar salad with grilled chicken from Loco’s is AMAZING! i had it last night for dinner. the lettuce was crisp and the seasoning on the chicken was perfect, enough to give it flavor but not overbearing at all. if you’re a salad person, i reccomend this! and in case you are feeling way to healthy after that, the birthday cake ice cream from Marble Slab is a TEN!

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