Posted by: KStrate | December 2, 2007

Loco at Loco’s

On Friday night, I went to eat with my roommate from freshman year, Erin. It was the first time we had eaten together in a while, so I wanted to make it fun! It was the typical Friday night Christmas crowd, but, despite the loads of traffic, we decided to go to Loco’s Deli and Pub on Timothy Road.

Compared to their location on Baxter Street, I really liked this one better. It seemed cleaner, brighter, more family-friendly and, quite frankly, I think the food was better.

Since there was a crowd, Erin and I had to wait for a parking spot. We pulled into the to-go spots, and waited on someone to pull out. It was intense.

When we got inside, we also had to wait for our table, but I don’t think we waited more than 15 minutes. The hostesses were extra friendly, and we took a peppermint to suck on before we got to the booth. 🙂

Once we were seated, our waitress (I asked for her name, but I forgot to write it down! Alas, two days later, I can’t remember.) came up to us within the first five minutes to get our drink orders. I asked for water with lemon, and Erin wanted water without lemon. We’re picky.

Their menu has a very wide array of options: salads, seafood, hot sandwiches, Mexican, steaks and burgers. A lot of combinations are interesting. Erin ordered the salmon and black bean quesadilla, and I asked for the Rooster salad with blackened chicken- no mozzarella.

It didn’t take our food long to come, and our waitress kept filling our drinks as we chatted. My salad was great. The blackened chicken was the right amount of spicy, and it went well with the cucumbers and onions that topped it. Their fat free ranch dressing wasn’t bad, either.

Erin’s quesadilla was interesting. I wasn’t sure what to think about the combination, but I liked it when I tried it. I think her favorite part was the salsa. I tried some with my chicken, and I agree! It was nice and cold, and it wasn’t too spicy.

We didn’t order desert, but, while we were paying, the manager came around to ask about our meal. We gave him a two thumbs up.

So, if you’re looking for a restaurant that isn’t phased by the crazy Friday crowds, check out Loco’s. They were efficient, cheery, and the food was great. Thanks for a great night!

P.S. From looking at their Web site, I also saw they have wireless! Good to know…


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