Posted by: KStrate | December 3, 2007

Look at the old man.


Look to the right of the screen.

Scroll down a little.

What’s that big question mark doing there?

I want to know what restaurant YOU think should be my, “Restaurant of the Week.”

It’s not about me. It’s about you.

Let me know with a comment. Tell your buddies to agree with you, and then I’ll pick the winner!

Come on, amuse me.



  1. Clocked. Hands down the best place for finals week comfort in Athens!


  3. I think my favorite would have to be East West. It is nice and affordable and I can always find something I am in the mood for on their menu. They also make their own salad dressings and they are delicious! My favorite thing there…the vegetable pasta. Try it!

  4. Bar-ba-que. Find some awesome places for barbaque.

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