Posted by: KStrate | December 11, 2007

Five Star Day- still my fave.

What a wonderful lunch I had on Saturday!

My friend, Mary, and me decided to dine at Five Star Day Cafe at their East side location.

The basics, first.
Location: 2230 Barnett Shoals; in the shopping center right in front of Kroger
Digits: 706-613-1001
Web site:
Reservations: no
Price: more than a fast food restaurant, but their TLC makes it worth the money; plan on paying $6-10 for lunch
Best meal: Their brunch is amazing. There’s no better way to start off your day.
Open and close: I can’t find specific times, but they’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Group friendly: The East side location is bigger than the one downtown. If you have a big group, I’d bring everyone here.

OK, to the review!

One of my favorite things about Five Star Day is how everything is homemade. You don’t get that very often, and every item on the menu has its own flair. Whether it’s the fruity pebble muffins, the hoppin‘ John or their famous stuffed meatloaf, someone took a lot of time to make up the menu.

Since we were there for lunch, I decided I wanted an assortment of things. The veggie plate seemed to fulfill everything I wanted, so I ordered a side salad with their totally dope balsamic vinaigrette, a fruit cup and their noteworthy hoppin‘ John. It even came with their muffin of the day- apple cinnamon walnut.

My side salad was pretty basic: romaine lettuce, tomatoes and homemade croutons. You don’t want to leave these crunchy morsels sitting on your plate. Extremely rich, peppery and obviously doused in butter, just eating one was enough for me. Wonderfulness.

There’s a lesson to be learned with eating fruit cups; either they’re good, or they’re bad. Usually it’s your fault for experiencing a bad fruit cup because you ordered it from a restaurant that obviously doesn’t buy fresh produce. I’m pretty sure a fruit cup at Five Star Day gets a check-plus from me. Green apples, honeydew, grapes and cantaloupe were evenly diced and were scooped into my cup. Yay.

Hoppin‘ John. To tell the truth, I always heard it was good, but I didn’t remember what it was when I ordered it. I guess ordering something unknown gave me a bit of a thrill. When they brought me my plate, I discovered what it was. Black eyed peas with onions and tomatoes (and was that parsley?) were mixed together and spooned on top of a pile of white rice. The taste was pretty simple, but it filled me up! I’ll probably get it again.

Mary ordered the chicken salad with a side of macaroni. I like the way she thinks. Maybe that’s why we’re friends.

I’ve had their chicken salad before, and it is, as my Mom would say, “out of this world.” There’s something different about their chicken salad. The chicken is pulled, tossed with green apples, grapes and walnuts, and the coating on the chicken isn’t extremely “mayonaisey.” Maybe it’s yogurt based? I’m not sure.

Their famous shell macaroni and cheese was a hit with Mary, too. There’s nothing more comforting during exam time than a bowl of macaroni. Yessssssssss.

That about sums up our lunch! I know many of my readers and friends have been to Five Star Day, and it continues to be a crowd favorite.


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