Posted by: KStrate | December 13, 2007

Out with the old, and in with the new.

Say goodbye to our dear Cold Stone Creamery, everyone. It is no longer in its (unhealthily) convenient spot on Broad.
Why did it move? I can’t say.
What’s going to go there? For that, I have the answer.
The new neighbor on the block is going to be, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches. Although I’ve never heard of this joint, I had never heard of Five Guys, either. Look what happened there.
I looked at their Web site, and the menu is pretty cool! This is what they say to do:
1. Pick your wich and grab bag.
2. Take a Sharpie and mark your toppings.
3. Write your name on the bottom of your bag.
4. Present bag to cashier and order chips, drinks, cookies and shakes. (oh dear)
5. Pick up your wich when your name is called.
Sounds like an adventure! Once it opens, I might have to film an exclusive video of the wich maker.
The types of wiches they have are: turkey, vegetarian, ham and pork, Italian, beef, saladwich, chicken, classics, seafood and breakfast (offered anytime!). They list varieties of sandwiches below the topic name. Pretty cool, huh?
They also have a very extensive nutritional chart, for the people who care. After it opens, maybe I’ll do a Weight Watchers post, and we’ll see just how many points these babies are!
I checked out their blog, and I’m not sure when it’s supposed to open. Maybe they’ll post on here and let us know!
Since I’m not in Athens over Christmas, I’ll be making posts like this. If you know of any new restaurants opening, let me know. I’ll bring out my magnifying glass and snoop- Online, of course.


  1. Hello Athens! Which Wich will be opening in mid-January and we are thrilled to be coming to your city. We’ll report back with an exact opening date very soon. Best WICHES!

  2. Hey, Which Wich! Thanks so much for letting us know! We will be keeping our ears open for the breaking news.

  3. Hello Athens! Which Wich opens Jan. 7th(if all goes as planned). Now taking applications on site. You won’t believe how great a hot Which Wich is!!! See you then.
    General Manager

  4. Hi to Thousands of Adoring Wich Eaters, we are opening on Wednesday 1-9-08.
    Best Wiches.

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