Posted by: KStrate | January 14, 2008


Since I’m obsessed with Dondero’s Kitchen, I subscribe to their weekly menu that they send to my e-mail account. I just got the one for this week, and I thought it looked particularly good! If you’re feeling adventurous, go grab a bite!

Monday (Thai):
Yellow Curry with Fish and Potatoes
Yellow Curry with Tofu and Potatoes
Tomato Bisque
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Garden Salad with Herbed Vinaigrette

Tuesday (European):
Beef Lasagna
Vegetarian Lasagna
Turkey Apple Chowder
Spinach Salad w/ Blue Cheese Vinaigrette
Leah’s Cool Couscous Salad

Wednesday (Malaysian):
Beef Rendang
Spicy Tofu
Cheddar Ale Soup
Meat or Vegetable Curry Turnovers
“Asian” Garden Salad w/ Sesame Ginger Dressing
Turkish Bean

Thursday (Cajun):
Crab Cakes
Potato Cutlets
Beef and Barley Soup
Aunt Jane’s Slow Beef Sandwich
Garden Salad w/ Honey Dijon Dressing
(with Hard-boiled Eggs and Home Roasted Sunflower Seeds)
Mediterranean Pasta Salad with Feta & Black Olives

Friday (West African):
West African Peanut Stew with Chicken & Potatoes
West African Peanut Stew with Yams & Potatoes
Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Grilled Veggies with Hummus on Baguette
Greek Salad

I am DEFINITELY eating somewhere on Wednesday, so stay tuned for some rave reviews.

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