Posted by: KStrate | January 19, 2008

I think it’s a hit.

I was really excited.

The whole week I was planning to go to Mirko’s, the new Italian restaurant in Watkinsville. I had heard about their amazing food (particularly their pasta), and I wanted to try it.

Being the cautious diner, I called on Thursday night to make reservations. I told them I wanted to come around 6:30, and the man said, “Oh, no problem. You’ll have no trouble. You don’t need to make reservations.”

Funny, very funny.

My friends and I arrived around 6:30 to Mirko’s, and, to our surprise, the line was out the door! We decided to check it out anyway just to see how long the wait was going to be.

The front lobby and dining room were filled with families, groups of old people and cute couples on a Friday night date. We stood there for about five minutes and still couldn’t get in the door.

I asked this cute lady standing outside with her husband if she had been there before. “Oh yes,” was her reply. “It is sooooooo good! I’m tellin’ ya. It’s worth the wait. Their pasta is amazing!”

Apparently you read the menu, order from the counter and then go sit down. There wasn’t anywhere to sit! I really wanted to grab a menu anyway, but I couldn’t get in the door.

This goes to show how amazing this restaurant is. Even though we ended up going down the street to another restaurant, I am definitely going to squeeze in there sometime this week.

I’m dying to interview the owner to figure out his keys to success. No joke. The restaurant, even though it is pretty small, was totally packed. That says something.

If you want to go before me, it’s really easy to find. Take Milledge Ave. through Five Points, past the loop, past the soccer fields, past the ag. farms until it dead-ends into Whitehall Road. Turn right and stay on Whitehall for 5-7 minutes. You’ll come to a stoplight. Turn left onto Main Street (you’ll be in Watkinsville by then), and the shopping center is the first one on your left. If you get lost, here’s their phone number: 706-310-1233


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