Posted by: KStrate | January 20, 2008

Good wich.

Yesterday, I finally made it to the new Which Wich downtown.

Many friends kept asking me if I had been there yet, so I fulfilled their wish.

If you want a fun sub, this is the place to go. I decided the taste of the sandwiches are average, but the process of ordering and the speed of the order is what makes going to Which Wich an experience.

I talked about how to order your sandwich in my other post, but it was still fun to pick the bag and decorate it with check marks and my name.

I ended up ordering the tomato and avocado veggie sub on wheat with cucumbers, mustard and lettuce.

My friend, Jaime, ordered the hummus veggie sub on wheat, and we both finished our meals. There was a generous amount of hummus on her Wich, so they don’t cheat you out of your $4.75.

The best thing about all their sandwiches is the speed. The owner, Caleb Soong, promised me every person gets their Wich in four minutes or less. Impressive!

I’m a sucker for toasted ones, and every Wich you order takes a ride in their fun, assembly line-looking toaster.

The inside of Which Wich is bright, yellow and clean. The stainless steel furniture gives it a retro look, and the generous presence of two-person tables suggests great seating for lunch dates.

One of the most exciting discoveries was the crushed ice. I am a firm believer that soft drinks taste best from the fountain with crushed ice, and my Diet Coke was oh so good.

Moral of the story: go to Which Wich for a sandwich, but mostly go there for the atmosphere and the crushed ice. It’s a great place to drop in if you have a break between classes!



  1. Great Review. The ice really is amazing!!

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