Posted by: KStrate | February 4, 2008

Guess what I saw?

Agua Linda is on the move.

I was driving by the Atlanta Highway and Timothy Road intersection the other day, and I noticed Agua Linda is moving into a new shopping center. The location is right next to Academy Sports and in front of Loco’s.

I don’t know if they are moving locations or if they’re opening a new restaurant, but Sherlock Strate will soon be on the case.

There is also a new Italian restaurant moving in next door to Agua Linda. My friend is helping paint a mural in their back hall with Athens scenes, so I’ll have to ask her about it.

If you know anything about these two restaurants, let us know!

Go Giants.



  1. The Italian restaurant is another location for Ferrando’s — they have one in Watkinsville.

    Also, if you haven’t been to Mirko’s Pasta (Watkinsville) yet — go there — and have the eggplant parm. Awesome.

  2. Just surfing/reading Ferrando’s reviews. Hope you have had time to stop by Ferrando’s. I, too, am from wonderful(ly small) Morristown. My husband is the New Yorker. Best wishes!

  3. You may have already figured this out, but Agua Linda has two locations now. The atmosphere at the one off Timothy is great, but I still love the small town feel of the Prince Ave. location.

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