Posted by: KStrate | February 7, 2008

The Best Sushi in Athens

Sushi is something I wish I would have learned to like as a kid.

I’ve become progressively adventurous with my choices, but think what I’d be eating if I had my first California Roll at three!

On Monday, I ate lunch with a friend at Utage Sushi on Clayton Street. Here’s their main information:
Location: downtown Athens at the very end of East Clayton Street. It’s in between Molly O’Shea’s and Junkman’s.
Phone number: 706-227-9339
Web site: Don’t have one.
Reservations: Yes.
Price: It is very reasonably priced for a Sushi Bar. Their lunch combo is wonderful. You get a soup, a salad, and two entrees for $7.95. Total steal.
Best meal: I like Sushi for both lunch and dinner. I’d say you’d be safe with either one.
Group-friendly: I’d like to think so. The restaurant is narrow, but they can definitely squash some tables together.

Mary and I came in around 1:30 p.m. for a late lunch. Our waitress was extremely hospitable and made sure to answer any questions we had about the meal.

We sat at a table for two, but they give you the option of sitting at the Sushi bar. I like that the best.

Even though I prefaced the post with my adventurous Sushi eating, I decided to stay a little traditional with the salmon roll and the cucumber roll. Since I’m not a big fan of soy sauce, I used the ginger dressing from the salad to put on the Sushi. It added a little sweet taste to it, and I thought it was really good!

Mary decided to go all out with the lunch special. Along with the salad and miso soup that came with the meal, she ordered the day’s nigiri and the beef teriyaki. If I can remember it all, the fish that came with the nigiri were red snapper, salmon, flounder, tuna and…my memory fails once again. There were five different kinds of fish, though, and they all looked tasty and fresh!

I love the inside of Utage. I feel like a V.I.P. every time I come in. I like how the front door is a little hidden from the street, and I think I’m going into an exclusive members-only kind of thing.
The restaurant is also very narrow, but it makes for an intimate setting. With dim lights, cool Asian art and flat screen TVs, you can’t go wrong!

I was a slacker once again and forgot my camera. I promise I will have pictures for my next post.

If you’ve been to Utage, let everyone know what you ordered. Most people are hesitant about the menu options, so it might help to have some ideas going in.



  1. I absolutly LOVE Utage. You really can’t beat the lunch special.

  2. Utage is VERY group friendly, just be sure to make a reservation for groups of six or more since they have to plan ahead a little bit. A bunch of us (usually 7-12) go in every Monday night for the $2 Smirnoff martini specials and order around 8 rolls to share. The must-haves are the Miami Vice, the Rainbow and especially the Utage Special. That last one is warm and covered in this awesome cream sauce. I’m relatively new to sushi personally, but I’m totally hooked on it thanks to these guys.

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