Posted by: KStrate | February 9, 2008

Loves it.

I’ve already talked about Five Star Day Cafe on the East side, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to brag about their downtown location.

Five Star Day has continually been a favorite of visitors, locals, students, hippies, preps, old people, families– I could keep going.

It seems like their food is the perfect combination of originality and tradition. Let me explain.

On Wednesday, I ordered the veggie plate with collard greens, a fruit cup and spiced cabbage. It seems pretty basic, but you don’t usually have spiced cabbage. Seasoned with salt and pepper, Texas Pete and a good amount of TLC, it did the trick. I felt bad for the waitress who kept refilling my drink.

The PRSSA officers went there before our meeting this past Wednesday with our speaker, Chuck Reece, of Chuck Reece Communications. The dinner choices were as follows:

  • Ashleigh and Alicia- the Picnic Chicken Salad
  • Lizzie- House Salad with Chicken (I think)
  • Chuck- the Barbeque Sandwich with heavenly-looking mashers
  • Ginny- the all-too-famous pot roast
  • Sydney- the special of the day: Chicken Tacos

I’m telling you, we all left with our stomachs full and happy.

This is one of my favorite parts of Athens. Places where different kinds of people can come, eat, socialize, debate, laugh, look, think, study and, most importantly, LIVE are the kinds of melting pots for which I am continually searching.

So thanks, Five Star Day, for letting life happen.



  1. Call me a traitor, but I’m not a fan of Five Star Day.

    I like really plain & southern food. I don’t think Five Star is even close.

    I feel like they are hoity toity.

    I love me some mac & cheese, but theirs, ehh, not so much.

    I know, I know. It remains a total local fave though so I’ll just have to keep living large around the corner at Clocked & get over it 🙂

  2. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and took plenty of notes and advice from this great website before heading out on a recent business trip to Athens. Ate at the Last Resort and the Five Star, both of which were excellent, both food and location wise. This was my first taste of southern food (and in fact my first trip to Georgia), and I was totally impressed. Athens is like Berkeley, but even more beautiful.
    Keep up with your great website.

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