Posted by: KStrate | March 7, 2008

To The Globe Before I Go…

This will be my last post for the next 10 days or so due to UGA’s Spring Break! In an effort to see one of my dear friends before I left, we met at The Globe downtown on Tuesday.

The Globe isn’t the kind of place you’d usually think about for food, but it is full of surprises!

We arrived right around 11 a.m. and were the first people in. The special of the day was Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Mary and I sat at a table for two next to the window facing Clayton Street, and we began looking over the menu.

Our nice waitress came over to get our drink orders, and then I had to choose what I wanted. It was a hard decision! I was trying to decide between a steak salad or a soup and sandwich.

I decided to go with the cup of navy bean soup and half of a turkey sandwich. Mary ordered a hamburger.

Our food came very quickly, and I totally dug into that soup. In addition to the navy beans, it had ham, celery and a nice smoky flavor. It was a great compliment to my yummy turkey sandwich on wheat bread.

Mary’s hamburger looked good as well. It came on an onion roll, so that gave it a little flair. Overall, she said it was a little overdone, so make sure to ask for it cooked medium if you order it. Mary got a side salad instead of fries, and she asked for two different dressings to give them a try.

The inside of The Globe is different during the day. I love the woodsy, musky, home-y smell and feel of the restaurant, and it lets just enough light in to be well-lit. There isn’t much on the walls, but the bar is the prettiest part of the downstairs. It sits in the back, and its semi-circle shape looks hospitable and ready to serve.

I saw on the menu The Globe makes its own potato chips. I might have to try it next time! Throughout our lunch, a good crowd of people came in. There was an old couple, a man on his computer, two students and a young couple. They all ordered something different. I saw chicken salad on a croissant, ham and cheese sandwich and some soup. I’ll attribute my nosiness to my mother. 🙂

The Globe also has a Sunday brunch. Go give it a try! I’d say the price is on the high end of lunch (I paid around $9, and Mary paid $11), but I think it’s worth it. The food is different than O’Charley’s or something like that, and it’s a nice change from Chick Fil A.

If you’ve been to The Globe, let us know! Apparently, thanks to Google Analytics, about 60 people look at this every day, so your opinions will not go unnoticed!

See you all in 10 days!



  1. I had their fish and chips not long ago, and it seems their sweet tea was just points below McAlister’s (on the tea scale). Did you get the impression that the globe is a very intellectuallish place? Perhaps it ranked among the more “sophisticated” bars in Athens. I don’t much participate in the Athens night-life, but if so this would be my first stop. Oh and you’re right, its very cozy; they have sofas in the corner where you can relax, eat, and daydream out the window. It’s very much like how I eat at home – on the sofa.

  2. The Globe chips are one of their best specialties. They are homemade potato chips with melted bleu cheese all over. Great with a Hogaarden beer to wash it all down!

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