Posted by: KStrate | April 2, 2008

Lovin’ Some Jittery Joe’s

On Monday, I spent some of my afternoon at Jittery Joe’s at Five Points.

What better way to top off going to chill in a converted garage than a skinny hazelnut latte and a homemade blueberry scone?

Since Big City Bread (the bakery) decided to go out of business, Jittery Joe’s has been getting all its baked goods from Luna Bakery in Athens. Luna is located on Broad Street on the right if you’re driving downtown. It is just past the Milledge intersection.

Don’t think you can go in there for a croissant or a muffin, though. Luna is only a commercial bakery, so, take my embarrassing experience and learn before you go. 🙂

The scone was so yummy, I decided to make it last for a couple of days. I hadn’t really dabbled in scone-tasting until Monday, but I think it has the consistency of a biscuit without all the extra butter. The blueberries were still juicy, and it didn’t even need to be heated up! You should DEFINITELY try one.

In reference to the “skinny” latte, that’s what you’re supposed to call something at Jittery Joe’s if you want it nonfat and sugar free. Learn the lingo, and they will be extra nice to you.

This is a bit of a random post, but I thought the wonderful sconeness needed to be recognized.



  1. Love Jittery Joe’s! Tip: go in the late afternoon to get 50 percent off all remaining baked good.

  2. What?! Big City Bread closed? When did that happen?

  3. Some clarification…sorry about that!

    Only the commercial bakery part of Big City Bread has closed. They still make baked goods for their store, but they don’t sell to big companies. That’s why JJ had to switch.

    Sorry for the confusion!

  4. Though I love the atmosphere of JJ’s, I really like studying/snacking at Cups (on the east side) when JJ’s is busy. They have a great study room, and in addition to coffee and muffins they have cheesecake, ice cream, and milkshakes! Mmmmm

  5. Just realized you have already done a post on Cups. You are way ahead of the game, Kat!

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