Posted by: KStrate | April 8, 2008

Jot ‘Em Down

For all you Carolina style barbeque fans, I’ve found a local haven for you.

Jot ‘Em Down Barbeque is the place to go!

Located on Whitehall Road (Drive down South Milledge Avenue until it dead ends, turn left, and go about a mile. It’s on your left.), Jot ‘Em Down pretty much looks like a sketchy shack.

I won’t lie. I’ve passed by it many times, and I’ve gotten a weird impression. However, thanks to my good friend and former roommate, Erin Gentry, I have truly learned not to judge a book (or shack) by its cover (or roof).

When you walk in the door, you’re not really sure what it is inside. A grocery store? A kitchen? A restaurant? I think it’s pretty much all three.

You’ll find a shelf covered with cans of SPAM, Vienna Sausages, Moon Pies, cheese crackers and Lays Potato Chips, as well as a refrigerated case with sauce, banana pudding and pecan pie.

Along the walls, you’ll also see many old country decorations from road signs to overalls to a picnic basket. Pretty eclectic, huh?

Erin decided to order the pulled pork plate that came with two sides ($7.50). She picked slaw and Brunswick stew. I decided to go with the pork sandwich plate complete with baked beans and Brunswick stew ($6.50). We both paid with debit cards, so they take all kinds of payment.

Our order was brought out right away to our table, and we dug in. I’ve never seen a table set up like this before. Everything you needed was on there: a pitcher of tea, seven different sauces, lemons, wet naps, ketchup and napkins. I didn’t need to get up for anything!

All of the sauces are vinegar based. They even have a homemade mustard sauce that was fantastic. Some of the names of the sauces included Cherokee Indian and Carolina. That’s all I can remember, but they were all great! Some hotter than others, obviously.

My baked beans were great. Slow cooked and delicious. I wasn’t a big fan of the Brunswick stew, and I’m not sure why. It just didn’t tickle my fancy tonight. I tried some of Erin’s slaw, and I was pleasantly surprised! There was a definite vinegar taste, but I mostly noticed the extreme amounts of dill used in the recipe. It was great! So much better than Chick-Fil-A’s.

The nice checked, retro tablecloths were a great combination with the rustic decor. On top of that, the people who work there are young and eclectic- kind of like the employees at Jittery Joe’s! I was really surprised by this. I guess I thought I’d see Mamaw and Papaw back behind the counter. Our servers, Courtney and Diana (not sure if I spelled it right), were extremely hospitable, though!

All in all, Erin and I had a great time to catch up and eat some good Carolina BBQ. You should go to Jot ‘Em Down and decide for yourself!

To look at the pictures I took, click here. It won’t let me do a slideshow anymore. 😦



  1. The Brunswick stew is a little on the spicy side which is why some people do not prefer it. I am glad you went with me and finally posted about Bar-ba-que!

    This place is fabulous and everyone should check it out. I have never been disappointed eating there and the service is great. They offer catering and it is great to order food for large groups.

  2. You know, we live around the corner and drive by all the time and we’ve only done take-out once. The ribs were okay, a little fatty, but the stew and beef brisket were really good. Gonna have to go back for more …

    Have you tried Fresh Air yet? That’s a mean pulled pork sandwich …

  3. Do yu know why the little grocery stores were called Jot em down stores? Was it because the owner jotted down you order and filled it himself or was it because they were usually stores where people charged there groceries until pay-day?

  4. One of my favorite places for BBQ and stew – Jot ’em Down has moved! It is now located on old 441 in the former Knickerbockers/Walt Light/441 Diner location. More tables, same great decor!

  5. Jot ’em Down is my favorite place too! I love almost everything there–and if you are looking for a good surprise side item, try the cabbage casserole! It’s incredibly tasty too!

  6. Best BBQ in town, and I’ve tried it all (and grew up eating the stuff and have my grandfather’s secret recipe). But it’s now moved to a much larger location. Highly recommended.

    Love the Green Hell sauce.

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