Posted by: KStrate | April 15, 2008

Vegan, anyone?

One of my readers asked if there was any place in Athens that served vegan carrot cake.  Immediately, my mind went to The Grit.

So, I called them right up (706-543-6592) and asked if they had any.

“Um, yeah.  In fact, we have some right now!”–straight from the horse’s mouth.

I also asked if they had it every week or intermittently, and he said he usually sees it in the case at least once a week.  So there you go!  You can eat yummy vegan carrot cake at The Grit.  Its location is extremely convenient, and the atmosphere is chill.  At night, it’s even candlelit!

Other restaurants that offer vegan options are the Bluebird Cafe, Mellow Mushroom, Barberito’s, Farm 255, The Globe, Transmetropolitan, Bombay Cafe and even the UGA Dining Halls!

I got a lot of this information from, so you can check it out, too.

Hope this helps, readers.  As always, e-mail me at, or post a comment with a question or suggestion.  Thanks for the input!

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