Posted by: KStrate | April 17, 2008

We Finally Made it to Clocked!

After months of waiting and many comments saying, “I don’t really like Five Star Day. Clocked is my favorite!!” Dr. Sweetser and I finally made it to Clocked.

If you want either a good sandwich or some rockin’ tater tots, Clocked is the place to go.

Here’s some basic info:

Location: 259 Washington St., right beside the 40 Watt

Phone Number: (706) 548-9175

No Web site and no reservations.

Price: Pretty cheap and reasonable- maybe $7 for lunch.

Best Meal: Lunch. It’s more fun to chat around then.

Open and Close:

Group friendly: It’s kind of small, so I wouldn’t suggest going with a big group.

Let’s get “strate” to the food. After all, that’s what Dr. Sweetser and I had been waiting on for forever!

I decided to order the Friendship Grilled Cheese- two pieces of sourdough bread with cheddar, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms grilled in the middle to perfection. Dr. Sweetser decided she’d order the Allison Turkey Sandwich and their oh-so-famous tater tots. I think it had turkey, cheese, a fried egg and something else squeezed in between two pieces of sourdough. Hopefully she’ll make a comment on this post, and she can give you more detail.

It was such a pretty day to walk to (and from!) lunch. While we were patiently waiting on our sandwiches amidst retro rooster napkin holders and other 60s-esque furniture, we talked about Dawg Food, her summer plans, her classes for next semester, my family and other fun things girls talk about.

When our sandwiches came, they were steamin’ hot, and the cheese was perfectly melted. The top of my mouth took a second to get used to the hard crust on the sourdough, but it gave in eventually. 🙂

At the end of our meal, after the check, our waitress brought us some Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum. I’ll let you watch the video so you can see what happened next.



  1. Soooooo much to say about this amazing post.

    First, what AWESOME camera work by the person taping your double bubble show. Man! She’s great.

    Second, you forgot the most important part: the waitress called us GIRLS. As in putting me (again!) in the ‘young’ category. I mean, seriously, I’d go there everyday for that.

    I think you properly described my sandwich. Man. It was good. It is the egg that makes it. Mmmm.

    One complaint is that it wasn’t so busy but it took them forever to take a drink order.

    A nice thing I noticed during this trip is that you can actually eat outside! I didn’t realize the picnic tables on the side of Clocked were for them. Bonus!

  2. I went to Clocked the other day. I also had high hopes and expectations, but I was so disappointed in my sweet potato fries. I think the sweet potato fries at that wing place, WOW or The Grit are the best in Athens. As for Clocked– I suppose I should have ordered something with fried egg in it. 😦

  3. Katherine, you are the cutest non-bubble-blower ever.

    Just to shout out- Clocked is really known for their amazing BURGERS and they are so so yummy! My mom, sister and I went there a few months ago and it was super delicious. Next time you go, you should definitely get one. I think there is even one with peanut butter on it… not my cup of tea, but could be good!

  4. YES! the burgers are awesome. And you totally missed out just getting plain tots. I ALWAYS get cheese tots at clocked. They melt shredded cheese all over the top of the tots. So delicious.

    Also, I just realized that you don’t usually mention whether restaurants have a bar or not. But Clocked served beer (and liquor, maybe?) last time I was there. A delicious addition to burgers and tots!

  5. I think everyone should try the peanut butter burger at Clocked at least once! It honestly tastes like peanut butter on a burger (duh), but it melts a little acting like a sauce. Once you taste it you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of this before?” It definitely works together in a way you don’t expect.

    My only complaint about Clocked is that it can be a little pricey for lunch, but most of the time it is worth it.

    Great post!

  6. Kat — I’m sure you’ve noticed, but they’ve got a Web site now!

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