Posted by: KStrate | May 15, 2008

My first trip to Mama’s Boy.

Whenever I hear about Mama’s Boy, comments are always accompanied by positive comments, rave reviews and dialogue along the lines of, “Ohmygosh you’ve never been there?! Well, we’re going to have to fix that.”

To celebrate Lizzie Azzolino‘s first day at Jackson Spalding, our little crew decided to go to Mama’s Boy for lunch.

Before I document our saga, I’ll give a few details first:

Location: On Lexington Road; if you’re coming FROM downtown, it’s on your left about a mile after downtown.

Web site:

Price: Reasonable. Plan on paying $6-8 for lunch.

Best Meal: I don’t think I could give an unbiased opinion given our experience, so you tell me.

Open and Close: Very detailed, so check it here.

Group Friendly: I’d say you could have 10 people max.

I first want to say that everyone’s experience at every restaurant is different. Please do not think that every meal at Mama’s Boy will be this way, but I’m just going to say what happened.

There were eight of us in our group, and they sat us by the window. I love the inside of Mama’s Boy because of the colors. They’ve decorated in a robin’s egg blue and black wallpaper, and it feels very homey inside. We noticed the curtains are from IKEA, and that says something. Cool people shop at IKEA, and I think the owners of Mama’s Boy are just that.

People have asked me what kind of food they serve. I’d say it’s Southern with a little twist. It’s not the same type of Southern fusion that Five Star Day serves, but I don’t really know how to describe what “part” of Southern culture they grab from. The drinks are definitely served in mason jars. I love it.

I’ll let you know what some of us ordered.

  • Fried Green Tomatoes for an appetizer for everyone: They weren’t too fried, and they had a nice crispy outside. I liked the blue cheese dressing that accompanied them, and it wasn’t too strong.
  • Beth: Honeybaked Ham sandwich on sourdough with French fries. Honeybaked ham is definitely a Southern favorite, and I think she enjoyed it! Maybe she’ll comment on the post and give more details.
  • Jessica: Mushroom Swiss burger with fries. I had a bite while I was waiting on my food, and it was good! She asked for it cooked medium, but it was DEFINITELY well done. I guess you can’t be too careful in restaurants, though.
  • Brian: Pimento cheeseburger and fries. It definitely looked good!
  • Bryan: Fried chicken sandwich. Their chicken is marinated in sweet tea! You KNOW it has to be good.
  • Ashley: Poppyseed chicken salad sandwich (1/2) with deviled eggs and fries. One lunch special includes 1/2 a sandwich and two veggies. Ashley wanted me to specifically comment that she thought the deviled eggs needed more pickle.
  • Lizzie: Mama’s Boy salad with grilled chicken. From across the table, the greens on her salad looked nice and fresh!
  • Tamestrius: Honeybaked ham sandwich with fries. She thought the fries looked a little burnt, but we thought it might have been from the oil they use to fry them. They were very dark in color, so we were stumped! Overall, T. gives Mama’s boy 3.5 stars. Besides the wait, her food was good.
  • Me: Black bean burger with steamed broccoli. I decided to go the vegetarian route and order their veggie burger. It was made with (what I think were) pinto beans, and it had a nice flavor. Everyone’s bun was huge, and sometimes it was too big for their sandwich (aka Bryan’s chicken patty). I thought my broccoli had a little wang to it, but maybe they marinated it in something.

I think we will all agree that our food was good, but we had to wait over 45 minutes for it. The owner, Cooper, was VERY apologetic, and she ended up giving us free biscuits (scone-shaped with poppyseed butter…yum!), a free appetizer (tomatoes) and two home made desserts to take with us.

So, we paid, loaded up in the car, and took our goodies back to the office. Cooper sent us with two tubs of vanilla ice cream, a huge box of blueberry cobbler and two molten chocolate cakes. Oh dear. They were unreasonably yummy.

We were more than a little disappointed when we left Mama’s Boy, but I’m definitely going to go back. I think they were just having an off day, and I am going to rely on the good experiences of my friends rather than my one time.

Have you been to Mama’s Boy?


  1. I agree! The food was delicious, but the long wait for our food and flies we saw throughout the restaurant were definite downsides. I understand that insects come inside when doors are opened to serve the patio diners, but there seemed to be way more flies in Mama’s Boy when we visited than you would expect. A diner at the table next to us had three on his back at one point!

    Luckily our food was good and we had good company!

  2. I’ve been there a dozen times. The longest wait I have experienced was about 20 minutes and was easily the exception. Normally, I am surprised at how quickly they bring out food compared to other places.

  3. It was definitely inconsistent with my other visits. The owner kept stressing how they weren’t ready for a big Monday crowd post graduation. She was great — it was our waitress, who never updated us on why our food was late, avoided us, and then finally admitting she had made some mistakes — who was the problem.

  4. I need to give Mama’s Boy a second chance. I ate there a while ago when it first opened, and was not terribly impressed with the food. People always rave about it, though, so I guess my experience was an exception.

  5. I concur with Brian that it was the lack of attention there for awhile that was bothersome. But the ambiance and the food delivered. The poppyseed chicken salad was an interesting take on the classic. And I have to say, I loved the fried green tomatoes.

    Oh, and the free cobbler was enough to win me back for a second chance. It was fabulous.

  6. Look on the bright side. Our waitress provided everyone at Jackson Spalding ample time to welcome me to the team. Maybe she knew why we were there!

    Everyone’s food DID look fantastic. I think the menu is very eclectic & they seem to have something for everyone. (Just don’t go when they’re busy…)

  7. That makes me so sad you all had a bad experience! For Mama’s Boy, you should always leave ample time because their restaurant does not grow larger even though their popularity does. However, the people watching is fabulous!
    Strate the Great, I recommend trying their Sunday brunch. I enjoy the Goat Cheese Plate and Peach Stuffed French Toast! yummmmm

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