Posted by: KStrate | May 16, 2008

Peppino’s: I almost forgot!

In the midst of my posting madness this week, I almost forgot to write about my lunch on Saturday at Peppino’s with the Arch Society.

We had to work both graduation ceremonies on Saturday, and apparently it’s tradition to venture to Pepppino’s for lunch in between the two.

In case you don’t know about Peppino’s, here’s some info:

Location: Follow South Milledge all the way until it dead ends into Whitehall Road.  Peppino’s is directly on your left.

Phone Number: 706-613-1616

Best meal: Whenever you’re in the mood for Italian.

Open and Close: Not sure, but I’ll come back to it.

Group friendly: Yes.

T.W., our Arch advisor, went ahead and ordered a couple of pizzas for all of us to split.  I think the assortment included cheese, pepperoni, veggie, sausage and maybe one other.

I had 1 1/2 pieces of the veggie, and it was really good.  The pizza was mostly vegetables, onions, green peppers, and tomatoes, and there wasn’t that much cheese on top.  The plethora (yes, I said plethora) of vegetables made the crust a little soggy, but I was willing to make the sacrifice.

The pizzas came out in a timely manner, and, as far I I could tell, other people in the restaurant got their food pretty quickly, too.

I took a peek at the menu, and the prices were very reasonable.  Peppino’s has subs, pizza, calzones, pasta and salad, so there’s definitely something there for everyone.

You need to go to Peppino’s hungry because their pieces are HUGE!  I’m pretty sure we worked up an appetite after working the undergraduate ceremony, so it was well deserved.

All of us sat at two long tables they had set up for us, and it was perfect.  I also noticed they have a pasta and salad bar up front, so that might be a fun choice for next time.

Peppino’s definitely seems like a place where the locals go, and its location gets you out of the hustle-bustle that is downtown.  Try it!



  1. Never heard of this place but I love me some pizza, so I think I will try this out next semester when I am trying out everything I can before I have to leave Athens. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  2. If I’m not mistaken, Peppino’s is owned by the same people as Little Italy in downtown Athens. Just a little FYI.

  3. Didn’t know that! Cool! Thanks for that fun fact. 🙂

  4. Do they allow you to go back to the iceberg (I mean salad) bar more than once now? Peppino’s was the bomb when it was downtown, but the service and food went downhill when they moved out. Maybe they are turning it around. The one redeeming quality is that they have Mountain Dew on the fountain.

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