Posted by: KStrate | June 11, 2008

Quick Trip to Black Forest Bakery

This is a short post, but at least I have one up (for all my friends who have been complaining…).

I quickly ran to the Black Forest Bakery for lunch after my doctors appointment today before going back to work. I had never been there before, but I had heard raving reviews about the donuts they make.

No, I didn’t get a donut for lunch, so don’t hold your breath.

I did, however, order a turkey and swiss sandwich on wheat with spicy mustard, lettuce and tomato. It came with regular Lay’s potato chips and a pickle, but I decided to skip the chips and order a brownie. 🙂

I mean, what kind of food blogger would I be if I didn’t get something baked from the bakery?

Black Forest Bakery is on Prince Avenue, past Athens Regional Medical Center and before the Navy School- right across the street from Aqua Linda. It’s in a tiny building, so you have to watch out for it.

Now, my turkey sandwich wasn’t gourmet by any means, but I really liked how the woman said, “OK, honey, let me go right back here and make it for you,” right after I ordered.

Sure enough, I had my “sammich” in less than five minutes.

While I was waiting, however, I did take detailed observations of what was in the bakery case.

  • Oatmeal raisin cookies
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Apple strudel
  • Oatmeal cream pies
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Iced gingerbread cookies
  • Wedding cookies
  • Honkin’ big blueberry muffins
  • Glazed donuts
  • Chocolate covered donuts
  • Donut holes

That’s all I can remember, but it’s all due to my photographic memory. Needless to say, there was QUITE an assortment.

My brownie was FANTASTIC. It was about as big as my hand, and it had chocolate icing on top. It almost tasted like a really moist, dense, thin chocolate cake. Maybe that’s the batter they use. Whatever it was, they should keep using it.

There were also a couple of cakes in the display case, and I noticed a book of cake designs on the counter. If you wanted to have a cake made for a birthday party or other occasion, I bet they could whip one up for you.

I’ve been wanting to write about Black Forest Bakery for a long time, and now I’ve done it. I’m definitely going to go back for breakfast so I can experience the wonderful donut goodness for myself.

Just for your enjoyment, here are the lyrics to a donut song my grandmother used to sing to me:

Well, I walked to the corner and I walked around the block
and I walked right in to the donut shop.
I picked a donut right out of the grease
and I handed the lady a 5 cent piece.
She looked at the nickel and she looked at me
and she said, “This nickel is no good to me.
There’s a hole in the nickel.  You can see right through.”
And I said, “There’s a hole in the donut, too!
Thanks for the donut, good bye.”



  1. I’d like to request this become a multi-media post with audio of this song being sung. I love it!

    Also – good to know this place is worth a stop. I see it everyday I drive to campus & wonder if it is any good. Thanks for the doing the leg work!

  2. i loved black forest about a year or so back…..since then, their donuts have gone from bad to – um – possibly store bought? i went there a few months ago and the blueberry donut i had was SOAKED in grease, totally nasty. then i decided to give them another try a couple months later and bought a half dozen powdered donuts. they looked and tasted like stale sam’s club or entenmanns. i felt had. this was on a thursday morning, supposedly the day they bake cake donuts. this town needs someone who knows how to make a real homemade donut.

  3. […] Black Forest Bakery: The old location of Black Forest on Prince closed about a year ago, but it has been reopened on the East Side by Johnny’s Pizza. I read an article in the Athens Banner Herald about it a couple of weeks ago and decided I needed to check it out. Maybe I’ll order some donuts for a class or something. We’ll see. […]

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