Posted by: KStrate | July 10, 2008

The Last Resort: Yummy lunchtime fun

Many of you will be delighted to know I finally made it to The Last Resort Grill.  I have eaten there many times before, but I hadn’t been back since the conception of Dawg Food.  I think I may go back again soon, though.

Yesterday, my friend Camille, another JS intern in Atlanta, came to visit our Athens office.  She wanted to see the town, so we went to lunch together (and then proceeded to shop afterwards 🙂 ).  I was trying to brainstorm good lunch places, and I randomly thought about The Last Resort.

I had thought about eating lunch there many times before, but I never felt like waiting for 45 minutes when my lunch break is an hour.  However, there wasn’t a wait on Wednesday, so we ventured in.

To spice things up a little, Camille and I sat at the bar.  No, we didn’t get sloshed before going back to work, so don’t even let that creep into your minds.

The bartenders are very attentive and personable.  I like how they’re a little rough around the edges with their speeches on the specials of the day.  Their sincerity for the quality of our meal made up for not really knowing if the ravioli had a cream sauce or tomato sauce on top.

I ended up ordering the Southwestern Grazer.  It was a wonderfully HUGE salad with cherry tomatoes, pepperjack cheese, black beans, corn, avocado, cucumber and carrots.  It was tossed in their jalapeño honey mustard which was fabulous.  Don’t worry.  The jalapeño wasn’t too spicy.  Very mild.

The lettuce was crisp, and the veggies were fresh.  My favorite part about the salad was its pre-tossed presentation.  They put together the salad; added the dressing, and then tossed it all together.  No dressing clumps in my salad!

Camille decided to go with the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich.  One aspect of The Last Resort that I love is how healthy they want their meals to be.  Instead of partnering Camille’s sandwich with French fries or chips, all the lunch sandwiches come with a mixed green salad.  Genius, huh?

Camille got the vidalia bacon (their house special) dressing on her salad, and it also comes on the sandwich.  I’m a sauce person, so this would have been heaven for me.

Our waiters/bartenders were especially attentive and made sure we were happy customers.  That’s all I could ask for.

Unfortunately, we didn’t go for the cake, but the salad was more than enough for me.  I even put some of it in a to-go box and ate it for dinner.

Both of our meals were about $8 including the teas we got to drink.  I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a steal!  It was so yummy, and it was cheap.  The perfect combo.

Moral of the story: if you go to a restaurant with a friend, eat at the bar.  You get special treatment.



  1. Yay for The Last Resort! Thanks for taking me there; the sandwich was creative and tasty (I’ve never heard of a fried green tomato sandwich!). Those bartenders were really cool – especially the guy with the nice vintage button down. That is definitely one of the coolest spots I’ve been to in GA.

  2. No one should go to the Last Resort without eating fried green tomatoes (sandwich for lunch, appetizer for dinner). That is all.

  3. I *am* delighted to know you made it to The Last Resort!!!!!!! However did you know?

  4. Thanks for the post

  5. you need to try the cheesecake next time! the white chocolate and the mocha toffee are especially great 🙂

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