Posted by: KStrate | July 16, 2008

A Not-So-Typical Dawg Food Post

I thought this post might spice up the life of Dawg Food- you know, expanding my boundaries a bit.

Here’s a little background:

My PRSSA advisor and PR Graphics teacher, Dr. Betty Jones introduced me to her husband last year. Since he is a professor, too, I call him Mr. Dr. Jones.

Mr. Dr. Jones and I became big buddies this past spring during our graphics class. That’s right. I said “our.” He decided to take the class so he could learn more about graphic design and the programs associated with it. We spent two days a week cutting up and having a good ‘ole time.

One day, he told me about an activity he does with the men at his church. The third Tuesday of every month, the Bread Burners, as they’ve come to be called, cook and serve a spaghetti lunch at Oconee Street Methodist Church. Apparently, their recipe is pretty famous, and I decided I wanted to go with him one day.

So, on Tuesday, July 15, I ventured to Oconee Street Methodist to help feed the homeless, the grad students and the underserved.

When I stepped out of my car (in my work clothes, heels, nice shorts and a shirt), I spotted Mr. Dr. Jones getting out of a truck with his friend, Mr. Duncan. Boy, was he ready for me! Faster than you could say meatballs, he plopped a cap on my head and gave me an apron to wear, complete with the Bread Burner logo.

We ventured into the kitchen, and I immediately thought I should be at camp eating chicken patties and drinking KoolAid. Two other men came to help Mr. Dr. Jones and Mr. Duncan, and they were “cuttin’ up” with each other. We had the best time getting ready for the crowd to come, and I became “bread girl.”

My job was to ask the people how much bread they wanted, one or two pieces, and then to put the bread on their plate and give it to them. It was VERY important.

The complete menu included: sliced peaches, tossed salad with Light Ranch Dressing, spaghetti and bread. That’s my kind of lunch.

I asked Mr. Duncan what their secret recipe was. After two hours of intense interrogation, he finally gave in (not really). They cook 15 pounds of ground beef and combine it with four industrial sized cans of Ragu. That’s it! Of course, I forgot to add all the TLC that goes into the recipe, too. Maybe that’s what makes it so good.

I loved serving the people who came through. Everyone was different, but they all appreciated the meal. As it turns out, I’ve been reading a book about homelessness called Same Kind of Different as Me. Some of you may have read it. If you haven’t here’s an easy way to order it.

I have to admit; I never got to try the spaghetti. I had to get back to work, and they didn’t have any to-go plates to load up. Oh well. I’m hoping to go back again and try it.

Hopefully this was a fun Dawg Food post for you to read. There are countless ways to serve people in the Athens community, and it’s not as scary as some people think. I encourage you to give it a try.



  1. Kat,

    This is wonderful…. atypical in all its glory. You’re awesome.

  2. You are a tour-de-force. I am amazed at all the ways you’re working to touch the Athens community. I thought you were supposed to be learning from me, and here you are teaching me so much wonderful stuff. Keep it goin’!

  3. Wow, what a outing. You should have stayed to eat some spaghetti though.

  4. Great post & great experience! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Let it be known that Dr. Jones and Mr. Dr. Jones are amazing. As you have just proven.

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