Posted by: KStrate | October 6, 2008

I’m back! …To Five Star Day, that is.

To all my readers:

I truly apologize for the lack of posts in September.  My life has been unbelievably hectic, and I am finally getting back to my normal schedule. So, never fear! Dawg Food girl is back and ready to write.

Yesterday, I went to Five Star Day Cafe for brunch after church with my two friends Jaime and Marguerite.  I must admit.  I’ve never been to Five Star Day for Sunday brunch because it is usually unreasonably crowded and takes too long to get your food.

HOWEVER, yesterday was perfect.  We found a table for the three of us after placing our orders and were there for about an hour and a half.

Here’s what we got:

Kat (me): two scrambled eggs, wheatberry toast, fresh fruit and coffee

Jaime: the daily scrambler with fresh fruit and a DC

Marguerite: some sort of yummy egg concoction, fresh fruit and coffee

James and I were very excited to see all of us received a little chocolate chip muffin on our plates, too.  Marguerite doesn’t like chocolate (don’t ask me why), so she didn’t eat hers.

My meal was pretty good.  I was a little disappointed in my scrambled eggs because they were very much like McDonalds’ style.  That is, they were flat- like a patty.  I like my scrambled eggs chunky like they’ve been abused by an agressive spatula.  Don’t you?

The toast was nice and crunchy, but not too much.  We all loved our fruit: honeydew, apples, grapes, and cantaloupe.

I think Jaime and Marguerite liked their meals.  We all pretty much cleaned our plates.

It was pleasantly surprising to see the inside of the joint had gotten a minor facelift.  Some of the trim looked like it had been repainted, and the air conditioning was on!  I still came out of there smelling like greasy breakfast food, but I guess that was a sacrifice I had to make.

This also made me really happy: our waitresses and the cashier lady were SO friendly.  Like I said before, it’s difficult to find good, sincere, friendly service in Athens, despite the awesome food you find.  So, thanks, FSD workers!  You made my morning so much better.

So stay tuned, friends!  Never again will Dawg Food go so neglected.


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