Posted by: KStrate | October 8, 2008

For all my Tennessee kin.

In case you didn’t know, I’m originally from Morristown, Tenn., about 45 minutes from Knoxville (UT).  So, that means on Friday and Saturday, all of my family (cousins, friends, parents, sister) and other UT students will be migrating down South to God’s country. 🙂

Now, I’m not going to talk about the football game because that would just be mean.  This post is to help visitors find their way around Athens and not look lost.  I wish a nice Gator would do this for the Georgia/Florida, but I know there’s no such thing as a nice Gator. So, I’ll just throw that wish away.

Where to Eat on Gameday:

There are many yummy places where you can grab some gameday grub, but I’ll just name a few.  Most of them are located in our downtown area (Broad, Clayton, Washington, College, Hancock, Jackson, Lumpkin, Hull and Thomas Streets).

  • The Grill: This is a famous favorite for Dawg fans.  It’s a diner that’s open 24 hours, and they serve everything from pancakes to french fries with feta dressing to hamburgers to grilled cheeses.  It’s located on College Avenue right near the Arch.
  • The Mayflower: If you like family style breakfast places, this is the place to go.  The Mayflower has been owned by the same family since my Dad was here in the 70s.  Go in there and get some homemade sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, or whatever you feel like eatin’.  It’s on Broad Street to the right of the Arch if you’re looking at the Arch from downtown.
  • The Bluebird Cafe: This is also a town favorite. I will say it is vegetarian, but don’t let that scare you.  I think Bluebird has the best omlettes and biscuits in town.  It’s on the corner of Clayton and Thomas Streets, across from The Classic Center.
  • Five Star Day Cafe: I actually had Sunday brunch here last week.  Five Star Day is so yummy. It very much reflects the character and personality of Athens. It’s on Broad Street right across from North Campus- near Starbucks (which also has breakfast stuff, but you can go there if you want to get a heart attack from a muffin).
  • Mama’s Boy: This is a little farther from campus, but it’s worth it. Mama’s Boy is actually owned by my cousin’s friend, and it’s famous for the breakfast. I like to call it upscale soul food.  You can go and get biscuits and gravy, but it will no doubt have a fun garnish or something else culinary on the side.  Try it!
  • Harry Bisset’s: Now we’re getting classy. Harry Bisset’s is a cajun/bayou restaurant that continues to be a crowd favorite. Many of my friends’ parents won’t come to Athens unless they promise to eat here. On Saturdays, they’re open for brunch at 11:30, but they reopen for dinner at 5:30.
  • For dinner after the game, I’ll just make a list and link to the Web sites.  If you have a question about one, make a comment on this post, and I’ll try to answer it ASAP.

Transmetropolitan, La Dolce Vita, Porterhouse Grill, East West Bistro, Speakeasy, Casa Mia, The Last Resort, The Grit, Copper Creek, The Basil Press, Farm 255

Where to watch the Game if you don’t have tickets:

I know a bunch of you probably won’t have ticket, but no matter!  You could go to:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings: I know you have one of these on the Strip, so I don’t need to explain it.  It’s on Hancock Avenue, towards the back of downtown and near the Hilton.
  • This new Irish pub on the corner of College and Hancock.  I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s really cool!  Lots of TVs.
  • Sideways bar: on Broad Street, near the corner of Broad and Jackson, has a cool upstairs porch
  • Sand Bar: lots of TVs, Jack and Coke icees- can’t get much better than that.
  • Honestly, I don’t know why I’m listing all of these.  Any bar you go to will have the game on, so just find one that looks fun.

Where to go at Night:

One of my favorite parts of Athens is its nightlife, and I want you to enjoy it, too. 🙂

**An important fact**

ALL the bars in Athens are 21 and up unlike Knoxville.  That means, it’s not 18 to enter, 21 to drink.  If you’re not 21, you’ll have to find something else to do.

However, if you are 21, you’ll be wonderfully entertained until 2 a.m. when the bars close.  I don’t want to make suggestions on where to go because there are so many options!  Click here to get a full listing of all the bars.

Where to Park:

  • Unlike UT, Dawg fans don’t tailgate in parking decks.  That’s mostly because we don’t have a huge deck right beside the stadium, so we have to spread all over campus.  I’ve grown accustomed to this tradition, and I really like it!
  • You cannot park in any of the campus decks.  Most of those are reserved for people who have a pass.
  • Parking downtown is what most people do.  If you get up at the crack of dawn, you can get a parallel spot or a regular spot on one of the DT streets.
  • There IS a deck available on College Avenue where you can park.  Lots are also available all over downtown (you’ll have to pay $15-$20 on average). There are some opportunities behind downtown where some big lots are.
  • If you do decided to tailgate on North Campus, I would suggest dropping off your stuff first and then go park.
  • Also, wear sunscreen. The away section faces the sun, and you’ll wake up Sunday “hurtin’ real bad” if you don’t lather up.  Sunglasses can help, too.

I hope all of this information helps!  It will be fun to see everyone this weekend, and I hope Athens and Dawg fans are nice to you. 🙂

Oh, and Go Dawgs.


  1. What a nice, friendly post! You’re so hospitable. I wanted to add- Georgia Theater has the game on the BIIIIG screen and I think it’s free to get in. Plus they have really really big cups of beer. Ballin.

  2. The Bluebird just closed.

  3. Shoot! Ok, I knew it was going to close soon, but I didn’t know how soon. Thanks for letting us know!

  4. I’m sure your friends love you now! The Tate Center also shows the game in the theater, but they obviously don’t serve your typical adult beverages. Just a thought! Go Dawgs!

    PS: “God’s country.” Truth.

  5. I love your blog!

    I just wanted to say that I thought there are some bars that are 18+, like The Loft (I didn’t say good bars…). Also the 40 Watt and other music venues are 18+ though they’re not necessarily someplace you’d want to hang out and drink. It’s been a while since I’ve been out though, so maybe things have changed!

  6. Yet another great post, Kat! 🙂 FYI: Most of the campus parking decks ARE open for parking… Before every game, I get an e-mail saying my parking pass is basically invalid on game days. I think the Hull Street Deck charges about $20, and others are similar.

  7. Where to start?

    Let’s start with that horrible orange Wilderness Joe hunting graphic you had in the middle of your post. Blegh.

    Also, thought with health code violations you were gonna stop plugging Bluebird? Closed anyway which I learned here – didn’t know that!

    Did I mention that ridiculous Vols graphic? Yuck.

    For gamewatching (& other games) I like the wing place in 5 points near Jittery Joes … what is it called? They have TVs at the booths so you get your OWN choices on which game to watch!

  8. Thanks Katherine…Just the Information, I wanted! Maybe We’ll See you at the game!

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