Posted by: KStrate | November 7, 2008

Shokitini Karaoke: the best night of my LIFE

I still don’t understand the social phenomenon of karaoke.  What IS it that makes us fearless, despite our nasty singing voices, horrible dance moves, and blatant “you!” points at all of our friends.


Despite my misunderstanding, I. LOVE. KARAOKE. 

So, last night, my friend Jenny and I decided to host a Disney-themed karaoke party for all of our friends in the Arch Society at Shokitini.

Shokitini, a local sushi restaurant on West Clayton, has three karaoke rooms: small, medium and large.  A note: if you want to reserve a room, SERIOUSLY listen to the lady when she tells you how many people the room can sit.  I thought the room was going to be big with a karaoke stage, but it’s so much better.

They are small, but they have huge booths for everyone to sit in and TVs on the front and back of the rooms.  That way, you don’t have to turn around and look at the screen when you want to face your friends.

It makes you look more like a karaoke baller.

Apparently, karaoke is really big in Asia, too.  I think I knew that before, but I guess I forgot.  Three-fourths of the song book had Korean songs.  Of course, we stuck to the small English section, but the TVs would show Korean music videos/soap operas/something like that in the background when our songs would play.  At one point, a bride was trying to drive off a cliff. It was interesting.

I actually forgot to order sushi, but many of my friends decided to order.  It was awesome.  The waitress came to our room, and gave us menus.  You write your name on your menu and then give it to her.  She brings your sushi up to you, and you don’t even have to pause your song!

Now, I know you’re wondering what we sang.  Here is just a sample of the musical delights (sorry if these choices make some of you feel old).

-KC and Jojo: All my Life

-Backstreet Boys: I want it that way

-Celine Dion: It’s all coming back to me now (This was sung by all the girls in the hiz-ouse.  We all agreed it was the most therapeutic thing we’ve ever done.)

-Dixie Chicks: Goodbye, Earl

-Lynrd Skynrd: Sweet Home Alabama

-Neil Diamond: Sweet Caroline

-Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmas

-Britney Spears: Oops! I did it again.

If these don’t make you happy, I encourage you to go to Shokitini and see what kinds of songs you can find and BELT as loud as you can.

We left karaoke feeling like we’d been to a concert.  Our voices were gone; our adrenaline was rushing, and we were TIRED.

The medium sized room was only $40 an hour, so we ended up paying around $115 for a two hour rental with tip.  It was a pretty dang good deal for how much fun we had.

Here’s the reservation line if you want to call: 706-206-6800.  Dianne will answer the phone, and she can hook you up.

Has anyone else been to karaoke at Shokitini?  Tell us about your experience!


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