Posted by: KStrate | November 13, 2008

Taqueria del Sol is Open for Business!

I found out from my friends at Jackson Spalding that Taqueria del Sol has officially opened in Athens!  They actually posted about it on their blog, Athens Inbox.

I’ve never been to Taqueria del Sol, but I’ve heard it’s amazing.  All the Jackson Spalding employees in Atlanta this summer told me how much they’re obsessed with the place.

From what I can tell, Taqueria del Sol is known for its tacos.  On the online menu, it offers Memphis, brisket, fried chicken, carnita, fish and veggie tacos.  It also looks like the JS people had cheesburger tacos that day, so who knows what will be on the special of the day menu?

Have any of you been to a Taqueria del Sol before?  I’m planning on taking my cousin there this weekend, so expect a Dawg Food post comin’ right up!



  1. I grew up in Atlanta and went to college in Decatur (Athens being a post-collegiate employment move) and adore Taqueria del sol! Don’t be intimidated by long lines (they do accumulate). They move quickly and surprisingly you can still always get a table after placing your order at the counter. Enjoy! I can’t wait to make my own trip!

  2. Blue plate special of shrimp and grits for lunch today. Outstanding.

  3. I saw Brian there today actually! I got the cheese burger taco (DE-LI-CIOUS!) and the salsa trio. You really can’t go wrong because everyone said they loved their food. The owner of this location is super nice too. He made sure everyone had a good meal and gladly refilled our chip basket.

    Great salsa, great cheese dip, great tacos = GREAT TIME
    : )

  4. I went there for lunch today. I got the fried chicken taco and a side of rice. Both were delish! My friend got the guacamole and it was SO GOOD! I think you’ll probably enjoy whatever you get!

    I echo the sentiment about the long lines. Once you place your order, the food comes out just a few minutes later.

  5. I went to one in Atlanta over the summer…funny story actually. I got there with a few friends, expecting to get some good tacos and margaritas. The line was long – as usual – and some people were getting restless because it was so hot. A guy acting official came out of the front (and only) door, cleared his throat and said, “Sorry for the wait, folks, but we’re gonna start another line over here [motions to our left]. If you can line up here, our other bartender will come out to get your orders while you wait.” So we all shuffled over there as the guy walked past us with a group of people.

    Turns out the guy and his friends had planned a prank on all of us so as they were howling with laughter, we all rushed to reclaim our spots in the original line. Pretty funny…the food was good too.

  6. I went on opening day, and it was great! I had the Memphis taco and Cheese enchilada with their specialty lemon cream sauce… amazing!! And since it’s a la carte, it makes it seem like it’s super cheap 🙂 The queso was also delicious, and perfect for splitting.

  7. I have seen this go up & I couldn’t figure out what it was for the life of me! I thought it was a gas station until they put the name on it.

    I am a DIE HARD burrito person … I could do taco though. This is so much more convenient for me than Barbaritos … so I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for letting us know it’s worth our time & providing a place for people to sound off! Love everyone’s individual reviews too!

  8. i dont know what we’ll do when you leave, i love this blog.

  9. Positive side. Crazy fast. line or no line. food tastes okay.

    Negative side. No complimentary chips. A total white bread version of a mexican staple. No cilantro in site. Cheeseburger tacos…seriously? It may taste good in a lot of cases, but the word taqueria should be removed. It’s not one.

    White boy tacos… not bad.
    Taqueria… not close.

    Go visit the restaurant El Sol on Tallassee for real authentic tacos.

    For real food… Real Authentic mexico. El Sol on the weekends for Menudo. (on tallassee)

    there are so many good and real food places in athens. People just tend to gravitate towards the watered down white bread joints like this atlanta chain.

    I respect this blog, but we all need to read a book.

    Down with chains. Up with cooking and appreciating food done for the locals, not the masses.

    Weaver=good. KFC=bad
    5 Star=good. Ryans=bad
    Porterhouse=good. Ruth’s Chris=bad
    El Sol=good. Taqueria del Sol=bad.

    Soul and love=good. Money and uniformity=bad

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