Posted by: KStrate | December 9, 2008

Two Stories Coffee House: They’re more about community than coffee.

I know this post isn’t exactly breaking news, but I thought I’d write about Two Stories Coffee House anyway.

Located on Lumpkin, right across the street from Earth Fare, Two Stories Coffee House is a lot like your home away from home.

I’m not sure what the owners did to the house, but it has been redone, and each bedroom is a cozy study room, equipped with lamps, chairs, stools, desks, and electrical outlets for you and your friends.

In addition, they also brew some amazing coffee.  Two Stories serves Fair Trade coffee, and they brew it a couple of different ways:

1. Through a ceramic filter that drips right into your cup. That’s right! I don’t know if I described it well, but you pick the type of bean you want, they scoop it, grind it, put it in the filter, and pour hot water over it that drips directly into your cup. Pretty cool!

2. With a French press. I don’t know if you’ve ever had French press coffee, but it so much fun to drink! I’m not sure exactly how it works, but you can either have an individual press or one to share with a friend- that way it doesn’t get as cold as easily! It doesn’t cost extra, either.

3. Through the kind of coffee holder you see in hotels. I don’t know the fancy word for this kind of coffee keeper-warmer, but it’s the kind that you press down on the top- kind of like a pump. You know what I mean? 🙂

Either way, the people at Two Stories are more concerned with community than they are about coffee. Each chair, table, stool, dry erase board, light, carpeted step, lamp and all the other unique objects inside were put in there for a purpose- to foster a sense of community and belonging with its customers.

The people who work at Two Stories are super friendly, and they want to talk to you!

I think my favorite part about Two Stories, however, is how CHEAP it is.


One morning, I got a cup of coffee and a bagel (fresh from Zim’s) for a little over $3.  At Starbucks, it would cost you at least $5.

Either way, I love Two Stories and will continue to go back there. There is a neat little study room upstairs you can reserve, so give it a try! In the spring, I’ll be eager to sit out on the back porch.



  1. I love 2 Story! But remember, it’s like Chick fil A: CLOSED ON SUNDAY! Just a little tidbit…

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