Posted by: KStrate | February 3, 2009

Pauley’s: Not quite like Paris, but close enough.

Pauley’s is a new restaurant and bar that opened up on West Clayton across the street from Transmet and between General’s and Cutter’s.

I was really excited about a new, creative restaurant that wasn’t too big to handle and had a lot of personality. In caseimg_0749 you didn’t know, Pauley’s specialty is crêpe-making (pronounced KREHP…with the “e” like “egg”). Now, as a wannabe Parisian and self-proclaimed crêpe connoisseur, I was ready to taste a crêpe Athens-style.

During my first visit, I went there with Anna for dessert. My assumption is when most people think of crêpes, they think about dessert crêpes. I may be wrong, but that’s what we went for.

It’s a very long and narrow restaurant, but it has a lot of personality and intimacy. Anna was waiting on my at the second table on the right. I plopped myself up on the tall barstool and began to look at the menu.

There were a lot of options, but the two of us decided to get a S’Mores crêpe (Anna) and the Nutella with strawberries crêpe (me). When I studied abroad in Paris, I think me and my friends ate at least two crepes per week, and I don’t think I had had one since I came back to the U.S. almost two years ago.

Needless to say, my date with this crêpe was long overdue.

We also ordered some wine (Hey! It’s Thursday night…) and sat and talked about all things girlie until our dessert img_0750came. Anna, too, had studied in Paris (the same trip I did but a year after me), so we were equally excited about our “leetle French treet.”

I’d say the crêpes were about the size of a medium-sized piece of pizza. They were definitely thicker though (unless you go the meat lovers, I guess), and the Nutella and strawberries were oozing out of mine. I could see the back of Anna’s, and the crêpe looked perfectly folded in a triangle with pieces of graham cracker and globs of marshmallow creme drizzling onto her plate.

Hungry yet?

I don’t think there’s any sense in trying to hide the fact that we both ate our crêpes in their entirety. They were wonderful, delicious, and hot. That’s the key.

The only thing we thought was different was they’re a little thicker than we were used to. In Paris (probably b/c a lot of the street vendors are cheap and don’t want to use a lot of crêpe batter on you), the crêpes are very thin- about 1/4 the size of a pancake. These were about half as thick, but they were still good. Since it didn’t hinder our eating, though, I’d say they were pretty good.

A week later, I went back with another friend of mine, Sarah, to catch up over lunch. Neither of us had been there forpauleys lunch, and we were excited about the menu. Sarah is a vegetarian, but she had no problem deciding what to get. There are a lot of vegetarian options, which made her happy.

I ended up ordering the chicken pizza crêpe, and she ordered the house salad. We waited a while but were thrilled when they came.

My crêpe was even thicker than the dessert one because of the chicken. It tasted just like a chicken pizza, except softer because it was a crêpe, not pizza dough. There was tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spices, and chicken inside, and they drizzled the top of it with some tomato sauce. Nice presentation.

Sarah’s salad came in a huge, flat bowl with a crêpe on the bottom. She didn’t know what one was, so I explained it to her. After eating her romaine lettuce, red onions, croutons, and dressing, she ate some of her crêpe and took the rest home.

Overall, I think Pauley’s is a fun, semi-cheap, unique place to go for any small occasion. They have a full bar, and 78 beers on tap (I think that’s right.). Try it, and I think you’ll like it. This also isn’t just a “chick place.” When I went with Sarah, I ran into my friend, Eric Tonn, who was there with one of his dude buddies.

Pauley’s- not quite Paris, but good enough for girls and guys.


  1. yum! I absolutely love Nutella and strawberries…! I’ll have to check that out soon! 🙂

  2. I thought Crepe rhymes with grape:

  3. Well, I guess that’s how you say it in “American,” but the triangle sign above the “e” makes it sound like an “eh.” I guess don’t go to France and say “craype.” haha

  4. dude buddies! almost funnier than fist pump!

    and the people at Pauley’s refer to the menu items the French way, dare I say, the right way: “krep”

  5. p.s. I like this new set-up.

  6. Definitely adding this to my list of places I want to try before I leave Athens! Sounds fantastic!

  7. I ate here with my friend a few weeks ago, also having grown up loving and eating as many crepes as I could, and was pleased. I got the buffalo chicken crepe and we too shared the Smores one. Our only complaint was that there wasn’t a side that came with the crepes – you had to order something else, with options lie chips, pasta salad, or salad for $1.50-$4 extra. The crepes were decent sized for the price, but even with dessert, I wasn’t quite full. It would make for EXCELLENT post-bar-hopping food however!

  8. I don’t know how this happened, but somehow I managed to go into Pauley’s and leave without having a crepe! My friend and I had their hummace though, and it was delicious! Some of the best I’ve had around here. Next time you go, definitely try it! And yes, creative writing is really cool. Im nervous to hear what people will say about my stuff though!

  9. For the record, dude buddies are awesome. And so were the crepes that we had. The Lott — ham, bacon, chicken, swiss and cheddar — was incredible as an entree. And the strawberries/nutella combination was amazing as well. It’s on my permanent list of places to frequent in Athens…for the next few months at least. And Alex, the bartender/waiter while we were there, is a great guy (Leonard Scholar, national champion skydiver, wine connoisseur), for the record.

  10. I am so excited about Athens having crepes! I can’t wait to go now that I have read this!

  11. I just went there last week and had a blueberry and
    Nutella crepe. It was delicious!

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  13. I also had Pauley’s for the first time last year but I never went back. I found the crepes to be a bit chewy. Not sure if you’ve been to Mirko but they have DELICIOUS banana and nutella crepes (a lot better than Pauley’s in my opinion).

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