Posted by: KStrate | March 20, 2009

Dawg Food’s Bucket List

As many of you know, I’m scheduled to graduate from UGA in May. So, my May 9, I will have said goodbye to Dawg Food and all that is college. I am on a search, however, to find a fitting successor, so let me know if you have any recommendations. 🙂

I realized I only have seven weeks left at UGA, so I decided to make a Bucket List for the places I’d like to review (that I haven’t been to yet) or places I just need to go back to before I leave Athens. I don’t want to get too sentimental, so let’s just get to the point.

“The Great Dawg Food Bucket List”

  • Athens Regional Medical Center Cafeteria: Sounds weird, I know. However, I’ve heard from many reliable sources that the cafeteria at ARMC is amazing, especially the apple cobbler. I’m a sucker for cafeterias. We used to go to Luby’s cafeteria every Sunday after church when I was little, and I love a place where you can get Jell-O, mashed potatoes, macaroni, fried chicken, a roll, and chocolate pie in one swoop. I hope ARMC Cafeteria lives up to my high expectations.
  • Weaver D’s: I still can’t believe I haven’t been there. Before I even came to UGA, my neighbor told me that I needed to eat at Weaver D’s. In the past four years, I haven’t made a trip there. It’s a must.
  • Big Easy Cafe: A rather new establishment, the Big Easy Cafe in Watkinsville is home to Louisiana and Cajun food. I’m actually eating a low country boil from there this weekend, so I’ll let you know how it is.
  • Any UGA Dining Hall: Like I said, I love cafeterias. I think it’s only appropriate for me to eat in at least one of the UGA dining commons before I graduate. They filled my little freshman head with so many memories of froyo, egg white omlettes, lasagna, salads, turkey sandwiches, and the ever-so-addicting chocolate cookies that I can’t help but go back one last time.
  • Black Forest Bakery: The old location of Black Forest on Prince closed about a year ago, but it has been reopened on the East Side by Johnny’s Pizza. I read an article in the Athens Banner Herald about it a couple of weeks ago and decided I needed to check it out. Maybe I’ll order some donuts for a class or something. We’ll see.
  • Places I’ve been but want to go back to: I really want to revisit all of them, but here’s a shorter list…La Dolce Vita, The Sultan, Farm 255, The Five and Ten, Porterhouse Grill, Mirko Pasta, Dondero’s Kitchen, Clocked, The Basil Press, The Globe.
  • (you insert here): Where would you like me to go? Is there a restaurant I haven’t talked about that I need to review? Let me know!

So, before I kick the Dawg Food bucket, I hope I’ll be able to visit all or most of these places. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Ike and Jane. It’s a new building, if not a new restaurant/bakery/coffe place near Athens Regional and Aqua Linda on Prince. It’s so cool looking, but I wonder if the food is any good?

  2. I will join in all your pending bucket-list visits. My bucket list before you graduate is to gain 50 pounds.

  3. I will hit up Weaver D’s or a dining hall with you any day of the week! As a matter of fact, I’m going to go so far as to say that I’ll be mad at you if you don’t eat at Weaver D’s before May 9th 🙂

  4. Go to AddDrug and as them to make you a pimento cheeseburger… it’s not on the menu, but it was $1.75 and divine.

  5. Ike & Jane is not in a new building, it’s in the building where the Black Forest Bakery used to be before moving over to the East Side. Flagpole covered it in last week’s paper.

  6. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and will be sad if you don’t find a worthy successor. I love your passion for great and memorable dining experiences in Athens. In addition to many of the restaurants you mentioned, I also love Depalma’s, Uncle Otto’s, 5 Star Day, Cookies & Co., and Barberito’s. And I have special affection for the Beechwood Chick-fil-A. They have amazing customer service for a fast food place. Regardless, you need to start a new food blog for wherever you go from here. Best wishes.

  7. The National– it’s owned by the same people as Five and Ten. In my opinion, it’s the best restaurant in Athens– an amazing, fresh menu. Pretty pricey, but completely worth it!

  8. We’re going to have to hit up Mirko again. 🙂

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