Katherine Strate::

Growing up in wonderfully small Morristown, Tenn., I never got the chance to live in a town with good, authentic restaurants until I started attending UGA in Fall 2005.

I immediately noticed the diversity, the life, the charisma and the pride in every restaurant where I ate, and I also discovered how hard it is to decide on a place to eat.

I want Dawg Food to be a resource for students, visitors and locals who are looking for somewhere to eat, drink, not spend a lot of money, break the bank, eat vegetarian, meet someone new or go on a date.

Feel free to leave comments, questions and other feedback for me and the other Dawg Food readers!


  1. Katherine, great blog! I just added you to my blog roll and will look forward to reading you more often!

  2. Katherine,
    You are doing a great service to Athens restaurants.

    I would like to invite you to our locally owned and operated restaurant.

    We have received very positive reviews from both the Flagpole and the Red & Black.

    You may view our websited at the address above.

    I am confident you would be pleased in what you experience.

    Keep up the great job!!

    Brett & Leslie McCullough
    brett’s casual american restaurant
    3190 Atlanta Hwy

  3. Great job.
    We would love to have you and your friends come visit our locally owned and operated restaurant. Just up the hill from Target, where you now get ice cream!!
    I believe you would love the menu.
    Brett & Leslie
    brett’s casual american

  4. I may just be missing it, but does your blog have an rss feed? I hardly ever go to individual blogs but I subscribe to a lot of them via a reader. I had subscribed to your old blog at blogspot, but I’m not seeing how to do it here at wordpress.

  5. Hey Sarah,

    Good call! I thought it was already on there, but I had to add it. Thanks for letting me know!

  6. Hey! Love the blog! You have got to go check out the new crepe place, Pauley’s, where Roly Poly used to be. I have been there about four times and everything I’ve gotten has been delicious.

    If you’re in the mood for dessert, the s’mores crepe is amazing!

    I know I sound like their paid shill, but honestly the word needs to get out about this place. It is something different and the not only is the food good, but the employees are so nice.

  7. I was wondering…. I am wanting to find a restaurant to host my rehearsal dinner in Athens. It will be next May and so far, I think it’s going to be about 36 people…. we want it to be 15-20$ a head and have alcohol. We also want it to be rather intimate….. any ideas at all on where we could go??? Your expertise would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you,

  8. Katherine,
    Again, I enjoy your blog and even though we don’t always agree, you said it best: that’s what’s so great about food! It’s subjective and opinions are all valuable. I wanted to ask a favor and give a recommendation.
    I’m a chef in town and I’ve had some problems lately with confusion. Hoping you could maybe help clear it up. I’m the chef at Hibachi Express Inoko on Athens’ east side. Lately, a couple Inoko Expresses have popped up in Watkinsville and on ATL highway. They are not affiliated with us at all. We get constant complaints about their food and I know it’s confusing because of similarities, but different owners, different recipies, different standards.
    Also, if you want to stop by…we have just added handmade, fresh pork dumplings. All in house, never frozen…our creation.
    Secondly, my girlfriend asked me what my best meal ever was. After a day of thought. It turned out to be local! Girasoles in Watkinsville. I have a dozen oysters (my favorite food), Chicken Zuiza (spelling optional), and chef Zambrano gave us some free flan! I’m not a big chicken guy, but it was awesome! I would love you to give it a shot and hear your take!
    Thanks for your time and your work on the blog. I’ll continue to check it often!

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