Posted by: KStrate | June 3, 2009

I’m Moving to Atlanta, and so is Dawg Food

After months (and months) of deliberation, I’ve decided to keep Dawg Food and have it travel with me to the big city, Atlanta, G-A!

I went back and forth zillions of times trying to decide if I wanted to keep my baby or put it up for adoption, and I am lesliehappy to announce Dawg Food will be staying with me.

It’s an exciting time, right? I’ve graduated from college, have a fantastic internship at Jackson Spalding, have a super-duper roommate, in a ballin’ neighborhood, and there are more restaurants than I know what to do with.


There’s one on every single corner. I am SO EXCITED about the new journeys to come with Dawg Food, and I hope all my readers will stay with me! Athens followers, I won’t forget you. You can rest assured that when I come back to the Motherland, I’ll post about where I eat. It will still be great.

Since I’m not from Atlanta originally, I don’t even know where to start with restaurants! So far, I’ve been to:

Two Urban Licks

Zoe’s Kitchen

Noon Midtown


Fellini’s Pizza

I was still in my deliberation phase during all of this, so I’m not planning on posting about what I ate previously. Maybe I will later, but not now.

So here you go, Atlantans: where should I start? What are some of the best (and semi-cheap/don’t-break-my-intern-budget) places?

I want to know, so enlighten me.

I’m so happy to be back in the blogosphere!

P.S. Be on the lookout for a facelift on the Web site. I can’t have all Athens restaurants on there anymore!

P.P.S. Photo is courtesy of my good friend, Leslie Emanuele. You’re the best, Leslie!


  1. Well we HAVE to go to Cafe Sunflower, the best vegetarian restaurant in Atl! I’m so glad ur in my neighborhood!!!

  2. Are you willing to try Buford Highway? Delicious Kabob is fun (on Shallowford in Doraville). It’s Chinese unlike anything you’ve ever had.

  3. Yeah! Buford Highway sounds great. I’ll also be making big plugs for Google Maps because I don’t know where anything is, besides the 2 mile radius around my neighborhood. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. How unfortunate for us Athenians … but good luck.

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